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Cellulite Reduction In Dallas Tx

Summer is fast approaching and it’s the time of year for swimsuits and other short, sexy summer clothes, flaunting our smooth, flawless skin. Unfortunately, not all of us have confidence in wearing these clothes and showing skin. Some have cellulite in their thighs, buttocks, abdomen, or arms. See our page Cellulite Treatment

To help these people be cellulite-free in time for summer, Dr. Bill Johnson shares his knowledge and expertise in cellulite and the available treatment there is for cellulite reduction.

Cellulite, the condition that gives an orange peel appearance in the surface of the skin, appears as it is because of the subcutaneous fat erupting up into the dermal layer of the skin. In addition, the dimpling of the skin is brought about by the contraction of the connective tissue pillars that tie down the fat to the underlying muscle.

Types Of Cellulite

Different types of cellulite are managed differently from each other. The two types of cellulite are classic and linear cellulite. Classic cellulite appears as bulges and dimples. Linear cellulite, on the other hand, appears as ripples or waves and is associated with loose skin.

Keep in mind that there is no one cellulite treatment that universally works on everybody. Each person is a different case and, therefore, treatment should be individualized. Moreover, there are instances where cellulite persists despite undergoing a number of treatments already. The physician, in this case, will recommend additional appropriate procedures needed by the patient. It is also very important that the patient will remain persistent and continue to carry on in his or her treatment. With those things being said, a consultation prior to any kind of treatment is a must.

Laser Cellulite Treatment

The preferred first line of treatment procedures for classic cellulite is the SmoothShapes. Collagen is re-grown into the area where the bulging fat is, and this collagen is used to push the fat back down to the subcutaneous layer. The connective tissue pillars are also being weakened and released. For most people with this type of cellulite, this is the only treatment they’ll ever need.  Another excellent procedure for cellulite is Acoustic Wave Therapy or AWT.  Acoustic Wave Therapy has been in the USA since 2006 and can result in impressive cellulite results.  Typically, AWT takes about 8-12 treatments to see a reduction in dimples.

Best Cellulite Treatment For Linear Cellulite

On the other hand, for people with a linear type of cellulite, Thermage is the initial treatment procedure of choice. It addresses the loose collagen of the skin by using radiofrequency energy that will stimulate the production of new collagen in the site being treated.  Thermage is also only 1 treatment and takes 2 hours to do! Innovations Medical provides cellulite treatments at both our Dallas and Fort Worth practice locations.

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