Vampire Facial Benefits

Vampire Facial Benefits

Facials have been around for years, and have only grown in popularity due to the fantastic effects this treatment has on the health and appearance of skin. Medical-grade facials take this idea a step further by using clinical dermatological products and the expertise of licensed dermatology professionals. One type of medical-grade facial that has been getting increased attention lately is known as a “vampire facial,” or PRP facial.

vampire facial uses the power of platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy to bestow a range of significant benefits on top of the positive effects of facial treatments. PRP is a substance that is drawn from your own blood and uses concentrated platelets, the body’s “first responders.” Clinicians create PRP by isolating the platelets, which promote healing, growth, and rejuvenation throughout the body, from a blood sample.

Because of its unique properties, doctors are recommending PRP for a number of therapeutic applications, from arthritis treatment to sports injuries. With vampire facials, a licensed professional injects PRP into the skin of the face, often with microneedling or direct injection, to promote healing and de-aging of the skin. Vampire facials have begun to grow in popularity after multiple celebrities have endorsed this PRP treatment in recent years.

5 Amazing Benefits of a Vampire Facial

So many people are trying out vampire facials because of the amazing results that have been reported, or they have seen for themselves in friends or family members. The key to these benefits is the increased collagen production that results from PRP therapy. Collagen helps our skin stay elastic, and when production begins to drop off in our mid-to-late 20s, we begin to slowly see the effects of age pile up over the years.

Combining the normal collagen production you get from a medical-grade facial with the enhancements of PRP therapy can lead to astonishing results for skin health. Here are five of the most important benefits that you and your skin can expect after receiving a vampire facial:

1. Makes skin stronger, firmer, and tighter

Thin, gaunt, and saggy skin around the lips and cheeks is a common complaint that comes with age. By stimulating healthy collagen production, vampire facials can tighten, plump, and strengthen these areas.

2. Improves scarring, discoloration, and skin texture

People with acne scarring, surgical scarring, and other skin conditions turn to PRP treatment and vampire facials to improve skin health and appearance. The ability of PRP to generate new cells can have a noticeable impact on problem areas.

3. Reduces wrinkles and fine lines

Wrinkles and lines are a common byproduct of the natural aging process and loss of elasticity through decreased collagen production. As a vampire facial increases the tightness and elasticity of the skin, there can be a visible impact on the appearance of wrinkles and lines on the face.

4. Increases moisture in the skin

As we all know, our bodies dry out due over time, most prominently in the skin. PRP injection can create stronger, thicker skin that retains moisture more efficiently. In addition to a better appearance, moisture in the skin helps keep pores clear from natural irritants.

5. Offers long-term results

Some skin treatments may only have a short-term duration and require new sessions every few months. The benefits of a vampire facial can be experienced for years at a time before needing another treatment.

What to Expect During Your PRP Vampire Facial

There are several methods for performing a vampire facial to allow PRP through the skin barrier for rejuvenating and enhancing the skin.

One of these methods is microneedling, which uses hundreds of small needles to make incredibly small holes in the skin with almost no pain. The PRP is then applied right over the area.

Vampire facials of this kind have been performed with resurfacing lasers like Fraxel or the SmartXide DOT laser. PRP has been shown to speed healing and enhance results after using these lasers.

The most common vampire facial option is direct injection. Small needles that are similar to the ones used during Botox treatment inject the PRP directly into the lower skin of the face.

In most cases, these treatments can be performed in a quick session that takes about an hour. PRP is also commonly added to fat transfer procedures, such as lip injections, to help speed up the growth factors these treatments require.

The right method for you can vary depending on a number of factors. Ask us about your options for vampire facials and other anti-aging treatments that may be best for your specific needs.

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