Leg Lifts Not Paying Off?

Is thigh envy a thing? We think it is or it could be, especially after we take a look at pictures of our favorite stars and singers (hello, Carrie Underwood!). But, how do you get amazing thighs when you are not a Hollywood starlet? You call Innovations Medical to schedule a SmartLipo session, that’s how.

What Is Smart Lipo?

SmartLipo is an innovative form of liposuction that not only removes unwanted fat from the thigh area, getting rid of “saddlebags,” but also causes the body to induce collagen production, leaving you with a shapelier final result.

Liposuction is often used to reduce fat from the midsection, but it is also useful in other body areas, including the thighs, back, and even the upper arms.

Smart Lipo Gets Rid of Saddlebags

What exactly is a saddlebag? Saddlebags are the part of the thigh that curves past your hip (if you’re like most of us, that is). Saddlebags are one of the hardest body areas to tone, and the fat there can be especially stubborn. Leg lifts and leg presses can help tone your thighs, but if you want to get rid of excess fat, SmartLipo is here for you and can help give you the slimmer thighs and more toned look you covet.

In Search of the Thigh Gap

Many women are on a never-ending quest for the elusive thigh gap. A thigh gap is a space between the inner thighs that appears when you are standing upright with your feet touching, and it is hard to achieve because, well, most of us don’t have that kind of physique. Many individuals have thighs that touch – and that’s totally OK – but if you want thighs that don’t touch, liposuction can help.

For some people, a thigh gap is not just about aesthetics – it’s about comfort. When thighs rub together, it can cause chafing, which is not only uncomfortable but can also cause unsightly and painful bumps.

If you’re looking for a thigh gap, SmartLipo in the inner thigh region can help. Combining treatment on both the inner and outer thighs can leave you with the slender and smooth thighs you’ve always wanted.

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