How to Maintain Cosmetic Procedure Results

Like all our patients, we know you’ll love how you look after your cosmetic facial or body procedure from Innovations Medical. We also know you’ll like your new look so much that you will want to take the steps necessary to maintain your results. Here are some tips for keeping your fresh new look after a cosmetic procedure:


Liposuction means you have new curves and a new body shape. Although liposuction does permanently remove unwanted fat, that does not mean new fat will not develop if you gain weight. To maintain your new body, you should work to keep a healthy weight through a nutritious diet and regular exercise (start your exercise routine after you’ve been cleared to work out by Dr. Johnson).

Tummy tuck

The same caution recommended after liposuction also applies to manage your results after the tummy tuck procedure. If you put weight back on after your surgery, not only will you lose your newly sculpted physique, but you may also end up stretching out the skin you had tightened.

Dermal Fillers and Botox

Unlike liposuction and the tummy tuck procedure, dermal fillers do require regular maintenance to help keep your skin looking great. However, this does not mean that you can’t take steps between visits to maximize results. To keep your face looking great, quit smoking. Smoking damages the skin and increases the risk of developing wrinkles. Step away from the alcohol, too. Alcohol is very dehydrating and can reverse the effects of your fillers, leaving you with the wrinkles, fine lines, and creases you were trying to get rid of in the first place! A healthy diet also contributes to great-looking skin. Drink plenty of water, take a skin-benefiting vitamin such as vitamin D and, if you’ve had Botox, make sure to eat foods high in protein to help preserve muscle structure.

Using high-quality skin care products like those offered by Innovations Medical also helps reduce the signs of aging and improve skin quality. Cosmetic procedures in combination with a healthy lifestyle will keep you looking fantastic for many years to come. If you have questions about cosmetic procedures offered by Innovations Medical, call 214-643-8665 for a consultation.