Get Swimsuit Ready NOW!

Body sculpting procedures like liposuction, tummy tuck, Brazilian butt lift and natural breast augmentation from Innovations Medical Center can help you get ready for swimsuit season.

Swimsuit Ready For Season

Although it is only February, swimwear is hitting the shelves at local retailers. While this fact could cause some people to panic, you don’t have to stress out about being ready for bathing suit season. Instead, you can plan a body-sculpting procedure at Innovations Medical. Follow Dr. Johnson’s suggested timeline to be ready to hit the beach or pool this summer.

1. Find Out What Kind of Body-Sculpting Procedure(s) You Want.
Want to get rid of a “muffin top”? Looking to lift and reshape your buttocks? Are you thinking about undergoing natural breast augmentation or pursuing thinner thighs? Consider what procedures you are looking for, research them and decide if it is the right time for you to undergo these procedures. For example, body-sculpting procedures like the tummy tuck and liposuction are best for patients who have reached their ideal weight or have come close to it and need sculpting to tighten and tone stubborn areas.

2. Schedule Your Consultation.
After researching the body-sculpting procedures you want, the next step is to schedule your consultation with one of Dr. Johnson’s consultants. Ask questions like “Am I a good candidate for this procedure?” and “What is the recovery from this procedure like?” and “How long until I see the results of this procedure?” These questions will help you get a realistic idea if the procedure works for you and what you can expect afterward.

3. Get on the Schedule.
Depending on the length of recovery associated with your body-sculpting procedure, plan when you’re going to come in for treatment. If your goal is to look great in time for Memorial Day weekend, you should have your procedure by mid-March to make sure swelling and bruising are gone and your recovery is complete.

4. Get Ready for Recovery.
Depending on the type of body-sculpting procedure you are having at Innovations, you may have no recovery period at all and be able to quickly return to your regular activity. Other procedures require a few days or a week or two of downtime to allow your body to heal. Plan for your recovery by reviewing instructions given to you by Dr. Johnson, arranging for childcare, running errands and preparing meals in advance if necessary.

5. Recover and Rest.
After your body-sculpting procedure, follow Dr. Johnson’s instructions for your recovery to maximize your results.

Want to be swimsuit ready? Call Innovations Medical at 214-643-8665 with your questions.