Benefits of Facial Rejuvenation

facial rejuventaion benefits

In the age of information and social media, it’s become mainstream to be hyper-aware of physical appearance. Every day, people are bombarded with messages regarding the value of youth, fitness, and of looking red carpet ready at a moment’s notice. And while such obsession with body image can go down a dangerous slippery slope, the reality is that there are plenty of healthy ways of looking like the best version of yourself. However, to do so safely, it’s crucial to gather as much information as possible about how the available alternatives would impact your life. A popular procedure is facial rejuvenation via fat transfer. What, exactly, is it? And, what are the benefits of getting the procedure?

What is facial rejuvenation?

Facial rejuvenation — done at Innovations Medical as a fat transfer — is a cosmetic enhancement designed to tighten sagging skin around your face and neck. Also known as a fat autograft muscle infection (FAMI), it consists of a minimally invasive procedure that harvests fat from areas where it is located in excess, then reinjects it into hollow or wrinkled areas of the face. The procedure only requires local anesthesia — meaning that the patient remains awake while the fat transfer is being completed.

While the procedure is the same across the board, it is not a one-size-fits-all approach. In order to obtain optimal results for each specific client, Dr. Bill Johnson takes into account each person’s facial vascular paths. The fat is then introduced under the facial muscles, which provides more natural, symmetrical results. In addition, since the procedure is done entirely with your own fat, there is no risk of your body rejecting the injected matter.

Facial rejuvenation also comes with the benefit of a faster recovery time. Although swelling is a normal part of the healing process, most people can return to their regular routine within a matter of days.

What are the benefits of facial rejuvenation?

1. A Younger and Refreshed Appearance

Getting a facial rejuvenation means being satisfied with your appearance every time you look in a mirror. When you look good, you feel good — and a more youthful look will give you a confidence boost. The key to having natural-looking results is to have the procedure performed by an experienced and highly-skilled medical professional — such as Dr. Bill Johnson from our clinics at Innovations Medical, who’s a leading expert in cosmetic procedures nationwide.

2. Long-Lasting Results

While there are several minimally-invasive cosmetic enhancements for your face — such as Botox, Juvederm, Restylane, and other injectable fillers — such procedures need to be redone every three to twelve months. While they do provide visible improvements to your face, opting for a facial rejuvenation provides you with a younger, more attractive appearance for several years.

3. No Scarring

Traditional facelifts involve cutting skin behind the ears. This results in visible scars that may look unsightly — and tell the world you’ve had plastic surgery — when you wear your hair up. On the other hand, facial rejuvenation means that you will bypass such a process. As a result, you have a more natural look and your confidence is not affected based on your hairstyle.

What is the recovery time after a facial rejuvenation?

Recovery time after a facial rejuvenation is relatively short. However, while you will be able to resume your regular life within a couple of days, you may also experience bruising and swelling for up to three weeks after the procedure has been completed.

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