Don’t Let Excess Skin Get in the Way

Want to get rid of loose or sagging skin without surgery?
Tired of loose skin? Thermage can help smooth your skin by delivering radiofrequency energy to targeted treatment areas to heat the layers below the surface, producing more collagen and pulling the skin tighter.  The results? Smoother skin and a more shapely appearance. But does Thermage last? How Long Does Thermage Last? You can think of Thermage as “resetting the clock” on your skin. Your skin will age from a new starting point. How fast it ages depends on the factors below. What Impacts How Long Thermage Lasts? One thing that affects how long Thermage lasts is the aging process. The rate of aging varies from one individual to another, and while Thermage does help reduce the signs of aging, it can’t stop aging altogether. Because of this, many patients choose to undergo Thermage again within two years to prolong their results. Genetic and lifestyle factors also impact the results of Thermage. Some lifestyle factors include smoking, skincare routines, and prolonged sun exposure. Too much sun can break down the collagen pulled tight by Thermage, leaving you with loose skin and less-than-desirable results. Can All Loose Skin Be Treated With Thermage? Thermage is a very versatile tool for combating loose skin, but skin that is too loose or sags significantly may not respond to treatment. A consultation with Innovations Medical will help to determine if Thermage is the best treatment for you. Ideal candidates are those who want to tighten their skin with long-lasting results, are in good health and are not pregnant or have a pacemaker. Thermage is typically used to treat loose skin around the: Eyes and face – reduces wrinkles, creases and nasolabial folds Neck and jawline – minimizes sagging skin Midsection – tightens skin left loose after pregnancy or weight loss Thighs and buttocks – helps to improve contours and skin tone Around joints like the knee and elbow – lifts and tightens sagging skin brought on by weight loss, genetics and aging.
To determine if you are a good candidate for Thermage treatment, schedule a consultation with us.  Thermage and other skin-tightening procedures are performed at both our Dallas and Fort Worth practice locations.                         Call 214-643-8665 today to make your appointment.