Cosmetic Procedures For Men

More men than ever are seeking cosmetic procedures to rejuvenate their appearance.

You may think that women are the only people who get cosmetic procedures, so it may be surprising to learn that one of the fastest-growing demographic groups turning to cosmetic solutions is men. As cosmetic procedures become less taboo, more men are opting for procedures to look younger and smoother. Dr. Johnson is seeing more men each year at Innovations Medical who are choosing cosmetic procedures.

3 Common Cosmetic Procedures For Men

1. Dermal Fillers

One of the most popular cosmetic procedures among men of all ages is dermal filler injections. Fillers offer the same benefits to men as they do to women: they’re quick, can be done in the office, results can be seen instantly and there’s little to no downtime. Men who choose dermal fillers often do so for the same reasons as women: to treat deep facial creases developing around the eyes (crow’s feet) or mouth and nose (laugh lines) that happen as a result of aging and decreased skin laxity.

Another reason men are choosing fillers is to fill in areas that have lost facial volume – another fun benefit of aging that happens to both sexes. Fillers can also take years off of one’s appearance without the need for invasive facial surgeries that require significant downtime. In fact, you can have dermal filler injections done on your lunch break and likely no one would even know!

How fast you recover from fillers depends on each individual patient, each type of filler used and how much filler was used. Expect 24 to 48 hours of recovery time. This does not mean you need “downtime” – you can get your injections and get right back to the office or regular activities (see below). Light Duty. Having fillers means you don’t need to sit out for weeks on end while you heal, and post-treatment you will have very few limits after application. You will need to modify your gym schedule for one to two days after treatment. You can still hit the gym, but you should do light exercises for a few days to allow your filler to settle and the application area to heal. Light exercise also helps to minimize swelling and bruising and keeps your secrets safe from others. Minimal Pain. Fillers are not painful, so you don’t need general anesthesia to have them. In some cases, a topical cream is used during application to make patients more comfortable. After the cream wears off, the injection site may be sore or tender for a few days, but most individuals manage with over-the-counter pain relievers.

Other things to keep in mind during your dermal filler recovery: Do use ice packs on and off in the treatment area to reduce swelling, redness, or tenderness. Do take acetaminophen or other over-the-counter pain relievers for discomfort or pain after injections.  Do wear sunscreen after treatment.  Do follow all of Dr. Johnson’s instructions for recovery.

Do not massage or scratch the treatment area for 24 to 48 hours. This could cause the filler material to migrate to other areas.  Do not play extreme sports or hit the gym too hard for one to two days after injections.  Do not smoke or drink for at least 24 hours after injections as it can lead to bruising and swelling. Men aren’t just turning to fillers; they are also looking for skin tightening treatments and skin rejuvenation, too.

2. Thermage Skin Tightening

Skin tightening is gaining popularity for men, too, because, well, who wants sagging skin? Thermage is a dynamic treatment that can help to tighten loose skin after achieving ideal body weight or even skin that has become sagging as a result of aging. Thermage can help to treat sagging skin in both the face and the body. See our web page for more information on Thermage Skin Tightening Treatment

3. Skin Rejuvenation

More men are also asking about laser skin resurfacing, too. Fraxel Re:store and Dual Treatment Lasers are dynamic in their ability to get rid of fine lines and small creases, and also help to erase acne scars and sun damage.

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