Why is Stem Cell Therapy Increasing in Popularity?

Stem cell therapy using the patient’s own fat is a regenerative medical treatment that puts stem cells to work repairing tissues damaged by illness, injury, and aging. The interest in using stem cell therapy is growing across the country – but why? Find out more from Innovations Stem Cell.

Why stem cells?

Stem cells are the most basic building blocks of our bodies. This may not sound exciting, but trust us, stem cells are indeed very exciting. What makes them so appealing? For one, stem cells can differentiate into many different types of tissue. Second, they can regenerate without limit.

Still not excited? Keep reading.

What makes stem cells significant?

These two features of stem cells make them powerful healers and mean that they can regenerate new, healthy cells to heal damaged tissue. In some cases, this tissue is damaged by injury, and in others, it is damaged by illness or just time and aging. Stem cells can even help heal damaged tissue that has not historically responded to conventional medical treatments without surgery.

Stem cells also act as immunomodulators, which means they can help reset the immune system back to normal function. This facet of stem cells is of significant benefit to individuals who are living with an autoimmune disease.

Stem cell therapy has also gained popularity because:

  • It allows individuals to avoid surgery and other uncomfortable medical treatments and their associated recovery period, complications, and risks.
  • Stem cell therapy can be tolerated by all individuals in comparison to some conventional medical treatments.
  • Stem cell therapy is a minimally invasive procedure. Stem cells are collected from adipose tissue using a specialized form of liposuction.
  • It has minimal recovery time, and in many cases, patients require only a small bandage.
  • There is no need for general anesthesia; local anesthesia is applied to the harvest site.
  • The procedure has no risk of rejection. Since stem cell therapy practiced by Innovations Medical uses autologous (taken from the patient) fat stem cells, the body recognizes the cells as its own material, and as a result, will not reject or react negatively to them.

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