Stem Cells for COVID 19 (Coronavirus)

Stem Cells for COVID 19

How does COVID 19 Damage the Lungs?

By now we have all heard of Coronavirus or COVID 19. Most of us are aware that when it becomes severe, it attacks the lungs and can make you short of breath. Fortunately, most victims of COVID 19 (coronavirus) recover and many have no symptoms at all. However, a small number of cases require ventilators or succumb to the virus. In most of these severe cases, COVID 19 (coronavirus) causes a disorder known as Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome or ARDS.  ARDS occurs when an over-response of our immune system is triggered by an injury or infection. In ARDS, the immune system goes out of control. This causes the lungs to fill with fluid and inflammation. The fluid and inflammation make it impossible for our lungs to do their job of providing oxygen to our bodies. ARDS is the great killer of COVID 19 (coronavirus), not an overwhelming viral infection.

COVID 19 (coronavirus) is also cardiotoxic (poisonous to the heart). This further adds to the lung problems.

How can Stem Cells Help COVID 19 (Coronavirus) and ARDS?

Stem cells are highly anti-inflammatory. The term is “immunomodulating”. Stem cells from your own fat have the ability to produce chemical messengers called “growth factors”. These growth factors re-regulate the immune system, turning off the over response of ARDS while allowing our bodies to continue to fight the virus. This is why stem cells have been shown to help people survive ARDS and COVID 19 (coronavirus). Studies out of China and other nations have reported life-saving results in patients with ARDS from COVID 19 (coronavirus). As a result of these studies, on April 2, 2020, an Investigational Review Board (IRB) approved a protocol for utilizing stem cells for patients with COVID 19 (coronavirus).

How do Stem Cells for COVID 19 (Coronavirus) Work?

The process can be done in the clinic or in the hospital. First, an area about the size of an orange is numbed. Next, a syringe is used to suction or harvest about 3 tablespoons of fat. The fat is then proceeded to separate the stem cells. Processing requires about 2 hours. Finally, the stem cells are given back to the patient in a simple IV infusion. There is no chance for an adverse reaction since these are the patient’s own cells. The most common side effect is some bruising and swelling around the harvest site. Stem cell infusion usually results in rapid improvement in reported patient studies. Fortunately, stem cells do not appear to be susceptible to COVID 19 (coronavirus). Current studies also suggest that stem cells help lungs to repair more quickly and perhaps more completely after injury. It also appears that stem cells help prevent some of the problems COVID 19 (coronavirus) can cause with the heart.

Stem cells may also be helpful in preventing the development of ARDS from other causes. Several studies around the world have shown this effect.

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