Stem Cells and Alcohol: What You Need to Know

Stem Cell Therapy And Alcohol What You Need To Know

Avoid Large Amounts Of Alcohol In a Day

In small amounts such as 1-2 drinks a day, alcohol has little effect on stem cells. Larger amounts such as 3 or more drinks a day can be toxic, not only to stem cells, but to your body as a whole. It is a good idea to avoid large amounts of alcohol all the time, but especially around stem cell procedures. Very large amounts of alcohol such as 5 or more drinks a day can have an adverse effect on fat tissue. Large amounts can cause a loss of body fat and affect the metabolism of your fat.

At Innovations Medical we take your stem cells from your fat. Large amounts of alcohol such as 5 or more drinks a day can reduce the amount of fat available. This can make it difficult to harvest enough stem cells from your fat areas. It can also reduce the number of living stem cells we can obtain. We prefer you to drink no more than 2 drinks a day all the time. It is a good idea to never drink over 3-4 drinks a day.

Can you drink alcohol after stem cell therapy?

It is best if you do not drink alcohol the night before your procedure. We also prefer you not to drink the day of your procedure. After that, 1-2 drinks a night are acceptable. More than that can reduce your response to stem cell therapy.

Stem cells have been used to address problems related to alcohol use such as cirrhosis of the liver or alcoholic heart disease. Data is limited, but stem cells may help these disorders when further alcohol is avoided completely. In disorders like liver cirrhosis and alcoholic heart disease, there is no safe dose of alcohol. Stem cells may improve these disorders, but they do not make alcohol safe for use by sufferers of these problems.

In summary, small amounts of alcohol are safe for most of us every day. Small amounts mean no more than 2 drinks a day. This safety includes stem cell therapy as well, but please do not drink the night before or the day of your procedure. More than 2 drinks a day can cause problems and should be avoided around your stem cell procedure. None of us should drink more than 5 drinks a day. That is especially true around a stem cell procedure.

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