Stem Cell Therapy Series: Healing You

Stem Cell Therapy Series Healing You

When it comes to stem cell therapy, there are a lot of questions — is it ethical, is it safe, how does it work? With all of these concerns and more, it’s important to note that stem cells can be harvested from many sources. Some include bone marrow or umbilical cords, while others use fat from your own body. Stem cells taken through the latter method are safer and come in greater numbers making them more effective, but what does it all mean, and how can it help you?

What are adult stem cells?

Most adult cells cannot make more of themselves. So, if you get hurt, your cells can’t completely replace the tissues that were damaged. Stem cells — on the other hand — can replicate and make new copies of the healthy cells. They also can make copies of different types of cells. That means that when you experience a cut on your skin, stem cells can become the blood cells, skin cells, and foundational cells that it takes to heal your wound.

Adult stem cells are stem cells that do not come from embryos. They are removed from tissues such as fat. A special enzyme dissolves the protein binding the fat cells together. The unbound cells are then put through a centrifuge, and then added to a solution before reinsertion. This is the process implemented by Innovations Medical. When the solution is inserted back into the body, the stem cells locate the wounded area and begin replicating the healthy cells and replacing the damaged tissues at the site.

How are adult stem cells used?

While cuts, scrapes, and wounds are the first injuries that come to mind for healing damaged cells, there are other situations where adult stem cells are finding success. Skin and blood cells can heal relatively on their own, but not every area of your body is capable of doing that. That’s why solutions like adult stem cells are so important. Some of the most common crucial scenarios include people who have:

Is stem cell therapy safe?

It’s the million-dollar question. As with any medical procedure, there are some risks. But, stem cells taken from fat are considered safer than other stem cell alternatives. That’s because stem cells from your own fat don’t run the risk of being rejected by your body or carrying any unknown diseases — which can sometimes happen with cells from other people. The best way to determine your risk and the safety of the procedure is to schedule a consultation and talk to a doctor.

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