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Can You Get Rid of Cellulite on Your Own?

Not really, but you can take some steps to reduce its appearance. Eating better, drinking enough water and losing weight are all things that can help improve the look of lumpy body areas. So can exercise, but you don’t need to spend hours in the gym to start seeing results and smoothing your skin. Here are some ways to keep cellulite-prone areas looking smooth and svelte.

What Causes Cellulite?

While the cause of cellulite is not entirely known, we do know that a lot of factors contribute to its development, including genetics, changes in hormones, and lifestyle factors such as diet and sedentary living. New information and understanding about cellulite are happening all the time as researchers work to understand exactly why some people get it and some people don’t.

What Gives Cellulite Its Appearance?

The lumpy look of cellulite is caused when fat erupts into the lower layer of the skin in some areas, while simultaneously being pulled down by collagen fibers in other areas, which causes the “dimpled” appearance.

How Can Exercise Help?

Don’t have time to burn at the gym? That’s OK; burn fat instead with a high-intensity interval training, or HIIT, workout. High-intensity interval training is an excellent option because it helps to trigger fat loss and reduce the appearance of cellulite.

During a HIIT workout, you do short intervals of exercises such as squats, lunges, burpees and skipping rope. Then you rest or move to a low-intensity exercise for another short period. This cycle repeats for several rounds.

If HIIT does not sound like your thing, a low-intensity movement workout can also be beneficial in reducing the appearance of cellulite. Walking is a great way to lose weight and tone. Stair climbing, cycling or stationary bike, yoga, and swimming can also help.

Need a Little Help?

If working out is not giving you the results you want, it is OK to get a little help. Innovations Medical can help get you the results you want with Legend radiofrequency skin tightening and Thermage. These treatments tighten skin and improve the appearance of cellulite. They work by heating up the collagen found in the skin’s layers, which causes it to contract. When collagen tightens, the skin also tightens and smooths cellulite dimples.

These treatments leave patients with immediate and long-lasting improvement in the appearance of their cellulite.

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