How to Make Your Hair Grow Faster & Thicker

Thicker, Faster Growing Hair

This is a question women and many men have asked for centuries. Many celebrities and models use hairpieces, extensions, and wigs to make their hair more luxurious. Every shampoo commercial you see shows someone with thick, gorgeous hair. So is there any way to make your hair grow thicker and faster? Until a few years ago, the answer was no! Now there is a way that even people with normal or even already thick hair can make their hair thicker and faster growing. And of course, this works for women and men whose hair is thinning as well.

What Is Available That Gives Thicker, Faster Growing Hair?

The revolutionary technology that can grow thicker, faster-growing hair in almost everyone is called Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT). LLLT increases the number of hairs by 20% in 98% of individuals treated. In addition, the hairs themselves increase in size by up to 20%. LLLT does this by increasing the blood flow to hair follicles and improving the follicles’ overall health

Some persons can even see a return of color they had when younger due to the healthier follicles. Just think what having 20% more hair that was 20% thicker and grew faster would do for your hairstyle!

Where Do I Go to Get Thicker, Faster Growing Hair?

Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) can give thicker faster-growing hair in 98% of individuals using it. But to get that level of results, you must use the LLLT available ONLY in a doctor’s office, like Innovations Medical. There are numerous over-the-counter (OTC) devices on the internet claiming to use LLLT technology, but they do not have the ability to enhance hair growth that medical office devices possess.

LLLT in our office at Innovations Medical delivers several times more energy to the scalp than OTC devices. The energy delivered is also much more in the desired laser wavelength of 650 nano-meters (µm). The 650 µm wavelength is the “magic number” that improves the health and size of the follicles. OTC device to deliver a range of wavelengths from 610-680 µm. This results in much less effect on the follicle and much less improved hair growth. Finally, the special lenses in the devices at Innovations Medical focus the energy on the scalp WITHOUT the need to change or rearrange your hair. We have LLLT available at both our Dallas and Fort Worth offices.

How Many Times Do I Have to Have LLLT Treatments?

At Innovations Medical, we recommend you begin Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) with two treatments a week for eight (8) consecutive weeks. Each treatment lasts twenty (20) minutes. The treatments should be at least 2 days apart (not on consecutive days). You will still see results if you miss a treatment or two, but it may take a little longer to see results. After the first 8 weeks of twice a week, we recommend once a week for four (4) additional weeks. After that, all you need is once a month to maintain the gains. Most patients start seeing results by six (6) weeks, but we do not see final results for 6 months. Monthly maintenance must continue to keep the results. If you stop LLLT treatments completely, you will slowly lose the gain you have achieved.

Who is a Good Candidate for LLLT Treatment?

Low-Level Laser Therapy is extremely well-tolerated. Rarely, patients may have a little itching or develop a slight rash when exposed to the laser. If the symptoms are mild enough, these patients may continue the treatments. If severe enough, LLLT should be discontinued. Patients with an active scalp infection or active cancer involving the scalp should not use LLLT. Other than these groups, anyone wanting thicker, faster-growing hair is a good candidate for LLLT. Even those with hair transplants in the past benefit from LLLT treatments.