Facial Fat Transfer vs Fillers

The holidays are fast approaching – which means you want to make sure that you look your best for that photo on your Christmas card, when you are visiting family, and attending holiday parties.

You have a couple of options when it comes to freshening your face for the end of the year festivities – two of these options include a facial fat transfer or choosing dermal fillers. Wondering which of these two choices is going to give you the best results this holiday season and beyond? That would be facial fat transfer, or FAMI, performed by Dr. Johnson! Read on to find out why facial fat transfer will make you look great not only this holiday but for many more to come.


Dermal fillers are used to restore volume. There are several types of fillers in use – including natural options like those with hyaluronic acid or collagen. Other types of dermal fillers are synthetic, like silicone. They are injected under the skin of the face (and sometimes hands), in order to fill lines and wrinkles, improve the appearance of scars, and plump up areas that are lacking volume from fat loss or degeneration.

Sounds, good, right? Don’t reach for that phone to book your holiday appointment just yet. Dermal fillers do have their downside. Unlike fat, which comes directly from the patient, fillers can be rejected by the body or cause allergic reactions. If fillers are not properly administered, they can cause lumps under the skin and may be tougher to take shape in the face. This is in contrast to using fat transfer to fill out the face. Fat is smooth and supple, which allows it to easily fill in places in the face where the fat volume may be lacking.

Some dermal filler products can even cause a rash or give the skin to have a blue tinge, which can last several months. Don’t risk a rash this holiday season.

Results from fillers may last up to a year, but many require routine visits for maintenance.

Facial Fat Transfer

Traditional facial fat transfer or fat grafting has been around for a couple of decades. Though the idea has stayed the same, the techniques and processes have changed dramatically.

FAMI brings a new way of thinking about the fat transfer procedure. It begins to take into account the patient’s facial vascular paths and as a result, the patient can see more consistent final results. The FAMI technique uses the facial vascular networks and places them into or under the facial muscle to provide long-lasting symmetric results.

Patients who opt for facial fat transfer procedures typically only need one procedure for long-lasting results. Fat transfer also gives patients the added benefit of improving skin quality, as transferred fat signals the body to send more blood and nutrients, like collagen, to the face. This leaves the skin looking toned and tightened.

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