Choose a Chemical Peel for Fresh Skin this Fall

Fall is the best time to refresh your skin after a long sun-filled summer.

The lower-than-usual temperatures we’ve been enjoying the last few weeks in North Texas have us ready for fall. Starbucks announced that its Pumpkin Spice Latte is debuting for the season on August 28 helps, too. After a long, hot summer we are ready for cooler temperatures and chemical peels. Chemical peels? Yes, chemical peels! Find out why fall is the best time to refresh your face with a chemical peel from Innovations Medical. Chemical Peels for a Fresh Face Chemical peels are a form of skin exfoliation, which makes them an excellent way to refresh your face and erase the signs of aging. They work by using an acid solution, such as salicylic acid or glycolic acid, to create a controlled burn on the face. After the burn blisters and peels away, new, fresh skin is revealed. Innovations Medical offers patients the VI Peel, a potent chemical peel suitable for all skin types that penetrates deep into the skin and also encourages collagen production, so the peel is erasing the signs of aging and healing the skin simultaneously. Why Is the Fall a Great Time for Chemical Peels? Fall is an excellent time for chemical peels because they counteract the damaging rays of the sun your skin has been exposed to all summer long. The sun’s rays are also less intense – newly revealed skin is very sensitive to the sun, so you want to avoid those harsh summer rays. Temperatures are also cooler, which means less sweating that can potentially irritate your new skin while it heals. What Is the Recovery Like After a Chemical Peel? Modern chemical peels are much easier to recover from than those of old. After your peel, you can expect some redness and tingling, which will subside in just a few days. Avoid wearing makeup for at least 10 days after your chemical peel. Take care to cleanse your skin with gentle cleansers. Avoid anti-aging serums and lotions until Dr. Johnson says you’re in the clear. Note: While the fall means the sun’s rays are less intense, that doesn’t mean you can skip wearing sunscreen. To take care of your new skin properly, you should wear a sunscreen that has an SPF of at least 30. Find out more about the chemical peels we offer by calling Innovations Medical at 214-643-8665.