Our Liposuction Procedures

Liposuction 101 - Dr. Johnson Explains

Dr. Johnson explains the advantages of Vibro Liposuction as compared to other liposuction technologies. The motion of the cannula during Vibro Liposuction allows Dr. Johnson to remove more fat with fewer passes, resulting in less swelling and bruising for the patient.



Dr. Johnson explains the advantages of Vibro Liposuction as compared to other technologies. At his office in Dallas, liposuction done with the cannula's special motion removes more fat with fewer passes, resulting in less swelling and bruising for the patient.

Innovative lipo procedures make up an important part of what we do at Innovations Medical. At our Dallas, Ft. Worth, and Grapevine offices, we perform a type of procedure called tumescent liposuction. Tumescent lipo is done in the physician's office, not at the hospital or surgi-center. Recently, many people have referred to this as "Drive Thru Cosmetic Surgery." The advantages of this kind of procedure includes the following:

  • You are mildly sedated but awake during the procedure
  • You have small incisions that require no stitching
  • You have better safety than procedures requiring general anesthesia
  • You go home the same day as the procedure
  • You are back to work in a few days



We use several innovative tools for performing our Dallas and Ft. Worth lipo procedures. Each tool allows us to achieve better results. The tools we use include:


Vibro Lipo

Vibro Liposuction or as we refer to it, Tickle Liposuction, is the newest offering from Innovations Medical. Dr. Johnson is the first physician in the United States to offer this form of lipo. It uses vibration-based technology to break up fat in the treated area. Instead of removing fat only in front of the cannula (as in traditional lipo procedures), Tickle Lipo removes fat in front and on every side.

The movement of the cannula allows Dr. Johnson to remove more fat faster. In turn, this also does less tissue trauma to the treated area. Patients experience a shorter downtime and more fat removal than with other liposuction techniques used at Innovations Medical. Tickle Lipo is also the perfect option for patients wanting to use their fat for fat transfer procedures. The harvesting motion of Tickle Lipo allows Dr. Johnson to gather the fat in a living state perfect for re-injecting into other areas. SmartLipo MPX is usually performed after Tickle Lipo to promote skin tightening once the fat is removed.



SmartLipo is a laser-based liposuction procedure that not only melts fat, but also tightens the skin. SmartLipo MPX works by using two of the most popular laser liposuction wavelengths on the market at the same time. By firing both wavelengths, Dr. Johnson is able to melt the fat in the area with more efficiency.

After the fat is melted, the heat produced by the laser tightens the collagen in the skin. This tightening, or collagen remodeling, promotes the body's own healing process and grows newer, thicker, more elastic collagen in place. The result is firm, tightened skin in the area the procedure was done on. Dr. Johnson usually uses the SmartLipo as a finishing tool on all liposuction procedures.


Vaser Lipo

Vaser Liposuction uses ultrasound technology to melt fat. The ultrasound frequency produced by the Vaser cannula melts through fat, but doesn't harm non-fat tissue. The minimally invasive nature of the procedure is what attracts physicians to this new way of doing liposuction in Dallas, TX. Vaser has the ability to remove more fat than SmartLipo, and is also a great tool for areas of liposuction where the fat is very fibrous or tough such as the back bra area and some male breasts. The cannula does produce some heat, and skin ports are necessary to use when Vaser is applied.

In Fort Worth and Dallas, liposuction is only one of the many services we offer to help sculpt an ideal figure. Patients with problems regarding sagging skin can look into thermage treatments. On the other hand, if patients would like to use their extracted fat to enhance other parts of their body, we can also perform a number of fat transfer procedures.