Stem Cell Therapy for Muscle Injuries


Muscle injuries are extremely common in sports and physical activity and often result in pain and the inability to participate in practice or competitions. Common muscle injuries include tears, strains, and injuries that happen because of trauma or because of overuse. Muscle injuries are painful, and take a long time to heal- which means a long time away from the sport or activity that caused the injury. Some patients require rehabilitation, steroid injections, and surgery to repair damaged tissue.

For muscle injuries, Innovations Stem Center deploys SVF stem cells by injection to target affected tissue in combination with intravenous deployment to enhance outcomes and reduce inflammation.

Many of our patients with muscle injuries see improvement in just 1 to 2 days. These improvements include reduced pain and increased range of motion and mobility. Patients gradually continue to improve while stem cells help to heal damaged tissue. Some sports injuries require a second deployment, 3 to 6 months after treatment, to further improvements or regain benefits lost since initial treatment.