Stem Cell Therapy Series: Healing Asthma

stem cell therapy heals asthma

Healing Asthma

Stems cells can be used for a variety of medical conditions — from torn ligaments to chronic disorders. But, did you know that stem cells from your own body can be used to fix even the most severe breathing problems? A young man from Texas learned first-hand the capability of stem cells when they were used to heal his asthma and improve his quality of life.

What is asthma?

Asthma occurs when your airways narrow and swell, producing extra mucus. It makes breathing more difficult and causes coughing, wheezing, and shortness of breath. In extreme cases, multiple medications can be used to treat asthma — including EpiPens, inhalers, and other allergy medications.

Depending on the severity of their allergies or asthma, people with the condition can often struggle with basic essentials of their day. From walking to the kitchen to sleeping in their bed at night, asthma attacks can strike at any moment. For these severe cases, stem cell therapy is becoming a promising solution.

How do stem cells work?

Stem cells can reproduce and become other types of tissue. By removing a piece of fat from the patient — about the size of a thumb — putting it through a centrifuge, and adding it to a solution, the stem cells can be distributed back into the body to provide assistance where needed. See our blog Understanding Adipose-Derived Stem Cells For someone with asthma, this means that the stem cells will repair damaged tissue within the lungs or airways and can also tell the immune system to decrease the inflammation that’s been causing breathing to become difficult.

Can stem cells cure asthma?

Stem cell results vary by case. Someone with severe asthma may have difficulty breathing during rigorous activity while someone with a minor condition would have an easier time. So, while a single treatment can’t completely cure asthma, the effects of medical conditions like asthma are exponentially reduced. Someone who relied on breathing treatments multiple times during a day can expect only to do breathing treatments once every few days, or sometimes not at all. See our web page Stem Cells for Asthma

What to Expect Post-Treatment

Most patients undergoing stem cell therapy see improvements within a few days. Others see gradual improvements over a couple of months. The rate of improvement depends on the severity of the asthma condition and the lifestyle of the person receiving treatment. To ensure your treatment and recovery go smoothly, you should:

  • Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking 24 hours before your treatment
  • Avoid drinking alcohol or smoking 48 hours after your treatment
  • Take it easy for a few days following the procedure
  • Avoid taking baths or soaking underwater for a week following the procedure

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