Chemical Peel Treatment

Vi Peel: A Facial Peel for Darker Skin Types!

Watch as Innovations patient Mary Kay Evans undergoes the Vi Peel, the first facial peel to be recommended for darker skin types. We follow up with the patient after the treatment to see the results.

Chemical peel treatments remove the outer, dead layers of the skin or epidermis. This allows the epidermis to become more permeable to nutrients. In addition, peels help reduce fine lines, smooth the skin, reduce the appearance of scars, and give a softer, suppler appearance to skin. They also reduce uneven pigmentation. Medical peels are only available under physician supervision.

How Chemical Peel Treatments Work

The skin is treated with a chemical solution which is targeted to a patients specific skin type. The solution causes the skin to blister and peel, exposing new skin that is smoother and less wrinkled than the old skin. The process is similar in effect to a controlled sunburn, but with no harmful UV radiation, and no change in skin pigmentation.

The VI Peel: Erase Fine Lines and Age Spots

Sun damage and fine lines are never wanted, but who wants to stay indoors all summer? Now that summer is over, its time to do something about your skin. If you have a skin type that is light to medium in complexion, there are numerous amounts of procedures out on the market to help you. But what if you have darker skin types? Are you just out of luck? Not now.

Until recently, most peels have not been effective at treating darker skin types. The newest peel on the market today is the VI Peel, which overcomes these limitations, and is suitable for all skin types and works very well on acne. The new Vi Peel is the first peel specifically designed for darker skin types and helps reduce sun damage, age spots, fine lines, and even acne. In addition, the VI Peel is faster and less painful than most previous procedures.
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VI Peel Before and After *

skin peel dallas
skin peel dallas


* Results may vary.

The photos above are of Innovations Medical patients before and after VI Peel treatments.

The Advantages of VI Peel vs. Previous Peels

The peel is much more patient friendly than peels we have had in the past. Peels of the past were typically painful, but the new Vi Peel is virtually pain-free. While it is less painful, it is highly effective. Its a very powerful acid; weve got salicylic acid and even Retin-A in it. Vitamin-A and some other things are also included to help soothe the skin at the same time that we are getting that deep penetration, Dr. Bill Johnson, CEO of Innovations Medical.

Dr. Johnson says that patients can see a big improvement in pigmentation and skin texture in only seven days. Melasma, acne scars, and severe pigmentation will take 2-3 peels. Peels can be done within 2 weeks of each other, but 1 month is preferred.

Typically, a patient can expect to have mild redness for a couple days after the peel, and then another couple days of peeling, much like you would get after a sunburn, says Dr. Johnson. By the 7th day, the skin is fresh and back to normal.