Stem Cell Testimonials

We’ve performed more than 12,000 Stem Cell Therapy treatments to alleviate musculoskeletal, muscle, and joint issues, COPD, multiple sclerosis, neuropathy, and heart disease. Hear patients talk about how Stem Cell Therapy has changed their lives.

Stem Cells for Musculoskeletal, Muscles, and Joints

Johnny’s Story: Stem Cells for Knee Pain

JD’s Story: Stem Cells for Knee Pain


“June 2017, in corporate America 24 years, and decided I’m going to go into something different and I decided to be a personal trainer. But I knew that I needed, probably, reconstructive knee surgery. And as a personal trainer, you never ask someone to do something that you can’t do yourself. So, after researching the options, I came up with Stem Cell Research and stumbled onto Dr. Johnson, and really excited with the results, because before I couldn’t do a lot of running. I couldn’t do box jumps. I couldn’t do burpees. And this year, I ran my first 5K at the Turkey Trot, so I’m excited with the results.”

Russell’s Story: Stem Cells for Knee Pain

Stem Cells for Arthritis

Felicia’s Story Stem Cells for Knee Pain


“The knee was the part of my body that was the most damaged. It had severe bone bruising, even after the surgery. For a few years, I was still just living in pain. So, I went to the orthopedic surgeon. I went back to him after my surgery, just letting him know I’m still in pain, and he said, you know, there’s nothing more that he can do. I knew that Stem Cell Therapy existed — I just didn’t know if it was gonna be the right fit for me, and if it was gonna work. But, I just came straight in and said, you know what, I’m in so much pain, I’m ready to get it done. I was desperate for help. I saw results about three months after the Stem Cell treatment. I was able to go to sleep, and not have any pain, which is something I had not had in four years. I mean, it really changed my life. And people around me, it changed their lives, too.”

Stem Cells for Lung Disease

Stem Cells for COPD

Ron’s Story: Stem Cells for COPD

Stem Cells for Neurological Disorders

Giselle’s Story: Stem Cells for Multiple Sclerosis

Aquila’s Story: Stem Cells for Neuropathy

Stem Cells for Heart Disease

Loraine’s Story: Stem Cells for Heart Disease


“He has just done wonderful things for her. We came here last summer, and she could barely walk from the bathroom to the bed and the bed to the bathroom. She had pretty sustained heart failure, has had five heart attacks, three stints, and a valve replacement in her heart. And she was in severe pain in her legs from a kind of nerve damage or a fibromyalgia type of disorder. And now she’s out of pain. So, some of the improvements she has is her breathing is much, much better. The pain is gone. The heart failure is much better. She’s able to walk about an hour to two hours a day, and that’s exercising. And her life is back to normal — she’s out visiting with friends, going to church, doing all the wonderful things that she did before. So, we just feel incredibly, incredibly blessed.”

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