Skin Like The Stars – The Fundamentals Package

Attached below are three levels of Skin Like the Stars packages.
These levels are Fundamentals, Executive and Repair/Rejuvenate .

Each one has:

  • A Basic package. Patients must purchase a Basic package to acquire the discounts associated with that level
  • A no-injectables alternative Basic package for patients not wanting injectable procedures
  • Recommended regular maintenance procedures
  • Permitted substitutions and additions.

When a patient purchases a Basic package, they receive the discount attached to that level for all future anti-aging services. Liposuction and fat transfer are NOT included services. Facial fat transfer services are discounted with the Executive (10%) and Repair (15%) packages.

Fundamentals Package patients receive a 30% discount on the initial and subsequent services for one year.

Executive Package patients receive a 33% discount on the initial and subsequent services for one year.

Repair/Rejuvenate Package patients receive a 36% discount on the initial and subsequent services for one year.

Fundamentals Level Package

30% Discount on all services

Basic Package – $2,488

    1. Xeomin to one area (20 units)
    2. One Thermage tip
    3. Clear and Brilliant
    4. 1 peels (glycolic) and 1 facials
    5. Eval/recommendations skin care products
    6. Evaluation/scripts Latisse & Retin-A

Recommended Regular Treatments

    1. Xeomin every 3 mon (20 units)
    2. Clear and Brilliant every 3 mon
    3. Monthly peel or facial ($ are per quarter)

Substitutions and Additions

    1. Substitute Legend x6 for Thermage
    2. Add Beloterra twice a year
    3. Add Radiesse once a year
    4. Substitute VIPeel for glycolic ($ per sub)
    5. Substitute Fraxel for C&B (pigment/scars)
    6. Add Thermage eye tip
    7. Sub Legend microneedle x 6 for Thermage
    8. Add Legend microneedle x 6
    9. Add PRP (vampire) to microneedle
Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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