When Hip Problems Hit


Do you remember the last time you got up without making a noise? Chances are, if you cannot remember what it was like to move without discomfort or pain, you may be living with arthritis in your hip.

What Is Hip Arthritis

Hip arthritis is a widespread condition that develops in the ball-and-socket hip joint that connects your lower pelvis and leg. When arthritis in the hip occurs, your joint becomes inflamed and starts to hurt. Dr. Bill Johnson uses fat stem cell therapy at Innovations Stem Cell to help treat hip arthritis.

Who Gets Hip Arthritis?

Hip arthritis typically develops in individuals age 50 and older, but it can develop in younger individuals who are overweight or have had a traumatic injury to the hip or a fracture of the bones in the joint. Genetic factors can also cause early-onset hip arthritis.

Signs and Symptoms of Hip Arthritis

Many people living with arthritis in the hip experience in the groin. Some patients report having pain in the thigh and knee as well. Other symptoms include stiffness, difficulty walking, and walking with a limp.

Eventually, you may even need a cane or walker to get around.

Treatment for Hip Arthritis

In many cases, treatment of hip arthritis starts with rest and other self-care steps such as heat and ice. Pain relievers and anti-inflammatory medications are also part of the early stages of treatment. If these treatments do not work, the next step may be steroid shots and physical therapy. The final phase of treatment is often hip joint-replacement surgery.

But, what if we told you hip surgery does not have to be the end of the road if you’re living with hip arthritis? There’s another path you can take that could reduce your painful arthritis symptoms.

Follow the Road to Fat Stem Cell Therapy

Fat? For your hip arthritis? Yes, fat – specifically, fat stem cells. Fat stem cells can help to reduce inflammation caused by arthritis. When inflammation is reduced, pain, stiffness and discomfort subside.

In addition to reducing inflammation, fat stem cells can help to regenerate the tissues of the joint that were worn away over time or from traumatic injury.

Many patients who undergo fat stem cell therapy with Innovations Stem Cell also report an improved range of motion and increased mobility. Some individuals have also been able to avoid having a surgical hip-replacement procedure.

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