Trending Now – Then What?

Trends come and go: plaids are in, perms are out and big lashes are popular. But, do cosmetic procedures ever go out of style? Yes, they do, according to a new article in the online beauty and fashion magazine Fashionista. The reason for changes in procedure popularity? Like many things these days, the answer is social media.

Fast-Moving Trends

Before the era of Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest, what was in demand in fashion, beauty and cosmetics changed about twice a year when the spring and fall styles came out. Now, every few minutes, there is news of a new top trend scrolling across social media feeds, and in many cases, these trends involve posts, pics, and tweets of cosmetic procedures.

One of the things trending on social media is the “Instagram” face or body, a mix of seemingly ideal features – and cosmetic procedures – combined to create the perfect selfie.

There’s no doubt that social media is driving increased demand for cosmetic procedures for Dr. Bill Johnson, a Dallas, Texas, cosmetic physician.

“Many people come in seeking particular procedures to achieve a certain look they have seen on their social media feed,” Johnson said.

“Some patients seek out minimally invasive procedures such as injectables to get larger lips to look like a certain Kardashian, while others are seeking out Brazilian Butt-Lifts to look like another Kardashian,” Johnson said.

But, what do patients do when larger-than-life looks aren’t in demand anymore?

Some patients may decide to live with their changes, but others may seek out reversals or surgeries to remove implants they had many years ago.

“In the ’90s, oversized implants were the trend in breast implant augmentation. Women still want breast augmentation, but now they are seeking smaller-sized implants and natural (fat) breast augmentation,” Johnson said.

During the natural breast augmentation procedure, fat is taken from one body area where it isn’t wanted and then injected into the breasts.

“The natural breast augmentation procedure can bring about subtle changes without surgery,” Johnson said.

The demand for lip injections also changed when Kylie Jenner decided in 2018 that it was time for her lips to go back to their natural state. After having to have her fillers removed and announcing it with new selfies on social media, hundreds of women around the world followed suit.

Cosmetic Work on Display

But patients aren’t the only ones posting their pictures online. Many cosmetic providers are turning to platforms like Facebook and Instagram to share before and after images of their work.

“Many people do research before having procedures done and search for providers online and on social media, so many cosmetic providers are showcasing their work on those same platforms,” Johnson said.

The combination of seeing top trends on social media in combination with more information and access to procedures and providers has changed how people think of cosmetic procedures – and also who is seeking out procedures.

“Younger people are seeking out procedures at higher rates than ever before,” Johnson said.

But, patients of all ages should keep one thing in mind: It’s not always easy to reverse procedures.

“If you had lips like Kylie and today you want to change to a more natural look, you probably are going to have to just wait out your fillers versus having them removed, as filler removal is not easy,” Johnson said.

Some surgical changes such as the nose job and body-lift procedures cannot be reversed at all.

Knowing this upfront can help patients make decisions now that they won’t have to reverse later.

“Conservative and common-sense changes can be fine and look good for a lifetime, but doing dramatic cosmetic changes in your 20s may not be what you want in your 30s and 40s,” Johnson said.

What Procedures Are In Right Now?

So, what procedures are popular right now?

“Minimally invasive procedures, liposuction and fat transfers,” Johnson said.

Why are these three trending now?

“These procedures can deliver a lot of change with minimal risk of complications and considerably less downtime than more invasive surgeries,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s recommendation is to seek out procedures that are best suited for you and not just something that is popular on social media because a celebrity has set a standard.

“Trends are changing quickly, and it’s often on to the next big thing. Consider procedures that give you the biggest impact but do not require invasive treatment,” Johnson said.

Source: Fashionista. What Happens When a Plastic Surgery Trend Dies? 27 February 2019.