Stem Cells Can Help in Ways That May Surprise You

Every year, 6.2 million men in America over the age of 30 receive a diagnosis that many men fear. But researchers estimate this is only about half of the men who are experiencing the condition. Conventional treatments also leave men feeling uncomfortable.

Why Don’t More Men Seek Treatment for Erectile Dysfunction?

Although erectile dysfunction is relatively common (according to the Cleveland Clinic, it affects 52 percent of men in the U.S.), it is not a popular topic of conversation. Despite what you see in erectile dysfunction drug commercials, most men really do not enjoy talking to their doctors or their partners about problems getting an erection. Instead, erectile dysfunction is a silent, embarrassing and frustrating struggle for many men.

Embarrassment and avoidance are common, especially for younger men who think that erectile dysfunction is a condition that affects only older men. The truth is that erectile dysfunction can affect men of any age if tissues in the penis become damaged.

Conventional Erectile Dysfunction Treatments Can Also Be Scary

If men who are experiencing erectile dysfunction do go in and talk to their doctors and get a prescription for erection-inducing medications like Viagra or Cialis, many of these orders often go unfilled. This could be because these medicines have side effects like blurred vision, headache, dizziness, nosebleeds, nausea and diarrhea. Serious side effects include high blood pressure, rapid heartbeat and the risk of priapism, or prolonged and excruciatingly painful erections.

Other treatments, like injections and hormone therapy, are painful or only serve as temporary fixes for a long-term problem. Surgical fixes like internal pumps sound downright medieval, and the thought is likely to make any man cringe and decide to just live with his erectile dysfunction.

Stem Cell Therapy Offers Help for Erectile Dysfunction

While we know that talking about erectile dysfunction is never going to be fun, treatment does not have to be scary. Dr. Johnson offers a minimally invasive treatment using your own stem cells to treat damaged penile tissue.

Stem cell treatment for erectile dysfunction from Innovations Stem Cell requires only local anesthesia and causes no pain, downtime or scary side effects.

Learn more about how stem cell therapy can help treat your erectile dysfunction by calling (214) 643-8665.