5 Benefits of IV Sedation for Cosmetic Procedures

iv sedation benefits

If you’re scheduled for or are considering cosmetic treatment, then you probably have a hundred questions running through your mind. What will you need to do to prepare? Is it going to hurt? What are the risks? Many of these questions stem from the fear of the unknown. And, if you’ve never had a cosmetic procedure done before or if you’ve had a previous traumatic experience, then you might feel a little on edge about your appointment. Fortunately, IV sedation can help mitigate many of these fears to help you feel relaxed and at peace.

What is IV sedation?

Intravenous (IV) sedation is administering an anti-anxiety drug to keep you calm and relaxed during your cosmetic treatment. IV sedation is administered through the bloodstream, so it’s quick and effective. While sedation is similar to anesthesia, it won’t stop your breathing or require a breathing tube (intubation). Instead, you’ll just feel at peace.

How does IV sedation work?

IV sedation — as the name suggests — is administered using an IV placed in your blood vein. The drug is distributed to your body through the bloodstream, which is a quicker and more efficient alternative to oral medications. Sedation levels may range from you feeling drowsy and being able to talk to you not remembering the procedure. But, even with deep sedation, you won’t require a breathing tube or help breathing. This makes it a safer alternative to general anesthesia.

5 Benefits of IV Sedation

1. Helps You Remain Calm

From excitement to fear, your emotions may be all over the place when you arrive for your cosmetic procedure. IV sedation helps keep you calm so that you can relax during the treatment. This eliminates the risk of you reacting or moving during the procedure — which allows your physician to perform with the most accurate results.

2. Fewer Risks Than Anesthesia

General anesthesia is a common drug to help keep patients calm and is commonly used in dentistry. But, it also comes with a lot of risks to patients — such as blood clots and other side effects. IV sedation is a safer alternative with fewer side effects and a more accurately measured dosage. This allows us to adjust your sedation effectively and talk to you throughout your procedure.

3. Quick Recovery

Since you’re awake for the entire procedure, there is a quicker recovery period from the IV sedation. There will be no grogginess, and you’ll be able to have full conversations with your surgical team. While we suggest having a friend or family member drive you after your procedure, you’ll be able to walk out the front doors after a short monitoring period.

4. Mitigates Fidgeting

Some chronic conditions or medications can leave you more prone to fidgeting or being unable to stay still. IV sedation mitigates the risks associated with this movement without the need to stop taking any medications. And, because IV sedation is administered in the bloodstream, you’ll feel calm quickly — reducing the amount of waiting time before your procedure.

5. Fewer Side Effects

Not only does general anesthesia lull you into unconsciousness, which makes waking up and recovery slower, but it comes with a load of negative side effects — from a sore throat to blood clots and malignant hyperthermia. In comparison, IV sedation only has minor potential side effects, including:

  • Nausea
  • Vomiting
  • Headaches

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