Allowed Elective Medical Procedures

Beginning on April 22nd, Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s executive order allows certain elective medical procedures to be performed. In addition to necessary medical procedures, elective procedures can be done if:

  1. They do not require a hospital bed.
  2. They do not reduce the public supply of personal protective equipment.

All of our cosmetic, stem cell and hair restoration procedures fit in the allowed category. This means all of our liposuction, fat transfer, skin tightening, and laser procedures can be performed. Our stem cell procedures in many cases were already considered medically necessary, so we can perform them as well. Hair restoration, both laser and transplant are also allowed.

We are also taking special steps in the office to prevent the spread of COVID 19. Our staff is masked and gloved as recommended. We are also spreading out our appointments to limit the number of persons in the office at any time. Both our Dallas and Fort Worth offices have an additional family lobby adjacent to the main lobby. We are using this lobby as well when more than one family group is present. Finally, we are cleaning and disinfecting all surfaces in the lobby, exam rooms, and restrooms after each patient use. We want to help keep everyone safe.

If you are still working from home or sheltering at home, now is a great time to consider a cosmetic procedure. If you have chronic pain or problems like COPD or an injury, stem cell procedures can really help. They are safe and allowed under COVID 19 conditions. Summer is almost here, time to get ready.

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