What Tummy Procedure Do YOU Need? Stomach Summer with a Sizzling New Shape!

Soon, it will be time for bikinis, tankinis, and cropped tops. Is your body all ready for the hottest fashion this summer? If not, Dr. Bill Johnson is here to help your midsection get into summer shape.

In this video, Dr. Johnson of Innovations Medical talks about procedures to make your tummy looking nicer, fitter, and healthier.

Some people have loose and wrinkled skin, especially after losing a significant amount of weight or after having a baby. Thermage is the best treatment for these patients. This procedure uses radio frequency energy to stimulate production of new collagen to make the skin tighter. What’s even greater is that results can be appreciated right after treatment. As a matter of fact, a large study showed that 87% of patients who underwent Thermage had an immediate response after undergoing the treatment.

On the other hand, for people who have a little extra fat that they like to lose, Liposonix is one of the procedures that has been repeatedly tested to work. It is a noninvasive procedure that uses ultrasound waves to permanently destroy fat cells. It may take six weeks or up to three months to be able to appreciate the results. Moreover, there may be slight soreness and mild bruising after the procedure as well.

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