What Is Awake Liposuction?

Everybody wants to look great in their swimsuits during the summer. But many women are not satisfied with how their body looks. Fortunately, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical is here to help.

When people think about liposuction, they think of a major surgery and recovery time but that’s really not the case. Liposuction is a simple procedure that can be done in the office under local anesthesia so the patients are completely awake during the procedure.

The process begins by numbing the area with numbing fluid and making a small incision. Then, SmartLipo device is used and it tightens the skin 30% more than other devices. SmartLipo makes a big difference on the abdomen area after pregnancy or weight loss and neck, arms and inner thighs area.

For getting rid of the fat, power assisted liposuction is used. The device goes in and out, taking the fat out, and because it’s very long, fewer incisions are necessary because it can reach more areas.

Depending on the area, it takes about an hour and a half to finish the procedure. For example, the neck area can be done in just 20 minutes. Recovery time is really short; most patients can get back to work in just a day or two. The swelling goes down after a few weeks and the full results of liposuction are visible in a month or so. For skin tightening, you have to wait for six months to see the full results.

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Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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