What does a Brazilian Butt Lift look like? How to remove MOOBS

Christmas is only nine days away, but there is still time to surprise that special someone with a gift, and Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical has some great ideas.

A lot of guys buy clothes for their partners, but the problem is that women often don’t like how the clothes fit and they return it. So instead, try to change how those clothes fit by doing a great procedure like liposuction, it’s great for removing the baby belly or the muffin top. And by reducing fat on those areas, you can change the kind of clothes you can wear. What’s great about liposuction is that you can then take that removed fat and use it to enhance other areas; it’s like a 2-for-1!

If you’re unhappy with the look and shape of your thighs, liposuction helps to shape the thighs and remove any unwanted fat on those areas. And again, it’s possible to use that fat to enhance other areas, like your buttocks and make them more shapely and give them a nice contour. It’s really great 2-for-1 deal because you’re not only getting the abdomen and thigh shape that you want, but also the enhancement in other areas.

Guys often have problems with fat under their arms and the chest area and that really has an effect on their self-esteem. Liposuction can take care of that as well. It’s also great for getting rid of the fat in the abdomen area and get you that six pack you couldn’t get at the gym.

There are a couple of holiday gift packages from Innovations Medical. In the entertainment package you get tickets for Mavs or Stars along with a dinner and an Uber ride. In the fitness package, you and your loved one get three sessions with a professional trainer and an electronic exercise outfit that helps you personally design the workouts that you’re doing.

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