Dr. Bill Johnson Off Air – What Causes Cellulite and What Treatments Actually Work

In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson explains what cellulite is and the modern cellulite treatments available at Innovations Medical.

Cellulite is the subcutaneous fat that gives a mattress-like or an orange peel appearance in the surface of oneÕs skin. It is seen mostly in the front and back of the thighs, buttocks, and occasionally in the abdomen and arms. It affects more women than men, who are usually in their late 20’s, 30’s, and 40’s. In fact, studies have shown that 80% of women has cellulite. Cellulite affects people of all sizes and shapes. Whether one is thin, fit, overweight, or morbidly obese, anybody can have cellulite.

The main risk factor for developing cellulite is genetics and hormonal changes such what occurs during pregnancy. If other female family members suffer from cellulite, chances of that person having cellulite are greater.

Cellulites appear to be bulging because of the subcutaneous fat that is erupting up beneath the layer of the skin called the dermis. These bulging areas may get shiny, firm, and swollen. On the other hand, what causes the dimpling is the contraction of the connective tissue pillars that tie down the fat to the underlying muscle.

There are two types of cellulite based on their appearance: classic and linear. Classic cellulite appears as bulges and dimples. Linear cellulite, on the other hand, appears as waves rather than dimples and is associated with loose skin.

An important thing to remember is that in treating cellulite, there is no one treatment that universally works on everybody and there is no one treatment that effectively works each time. Different types of cellulites are treated differently from one another. Moreover, some cellulites can be more difficult or easier to treat than others. Each person is a different case and, therefore, treatment should be individualized.

That is why Innovations Medical has come up with their own system called Cellulite Analysis and Treatment System (CATS). Dr. Bill Johnson and the team assess what type of cellulite the patient has and gather other pertinent information in order to help them choose the treatment/s that will give the best result and the least number of treatments.

The first treatment for classic cellulite is the SmoothShapes. Collagen is re-grown into the area where the bulging fat is, and this collagen is used to push the fat back down to the subcutaneous layer. The connective tissue pillars are also being weakened and released. SmoothShapes is reported to be effective 80% of the time. This is the preferred first treatment for classic cellulite because it is relatively inexpensive, effective, has no downtime, and requires no preparation for the procedure. And for most people with classic cellulite, this is the only treatment theyÕll ever need.

Another procedure is one that Innovations Medical has pioneered in the United States. The Acoustic Wave Therapy (AWT) is the next step in addressing classic cellulite for situations wherein patient needs additional treatment after SmoothShapes. This procedure utilizes shockwaves that feels like a hard intense massage when applied to the affected body part. Similar to SmoothShapes, AWT stimulates the production of the collagen and breaks up the connective tissue pillars, resulting to a smooth, even skin.

Thermage is the initial treatment of choice for patients with linear cellulite. It is because these patients suffer from loose skin as well, for which Thermage will work wonders. Thermage, a skin tightening procedure, stimulates production of new collagen in the site being treated. This procedure is also beneficial to patients with classic cellulite who have unevenness or rippling of the skin after undergoing SmoothShapes and/or AWT.

There are few instances wherein cellulite persists despite undergoing different treatments already. Smart Lipo Cellulite, a version of the technique, Cellulase, is offered in such cases. This is procedure employs the use a special laser, which is inserted through a small incision in the skin, and is fired into the skin and fat, resulting in the disappearance of bulges. The laser is also used to cut and release the contracted connective tissue pillars that are causing the dimpling. SmartLipo Cellulite is offered only in persistent cases because of several reasons: it requires surgery, is relatively more expensive, and has a recovery period.

Browse through our large catalog of cellulite treatment before and after pictures of the procedures discussed above. Or better yet, come in for a consult, so our team can show you pictures of patients who had successful cellulite treatments at Innovations Medical.

Remember, there is no one size that fits all when it comes to cellulite treatment. Each patient is a different case. So, call in for a consultation today with Dr. Bill Johnson to discuss the cellulite treatment that is best for you.

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