Spring into a fresh, younger looking you! Dr Bill Johnson explains how.

If you wish to have a fresh look just in time for the summer, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical has the latest in the world of aesthetic medicine that’s just right for you.

The most important place to start when you want to renew or rejuvenate your face is to first decide on the thing that bothers you the most and address that first. At Innovations Medical, doctors assure that all procedures are being performed in a way that looks very natural, and never make the patient appear like a totally different person.

For people who wish to address the drooping of their chin, cheeks, or skin around the eyes, Thermage is the great way to go. It is considered the gold standard in skin tightening and facial lifting. It uses radio frequency energy that will address the loose skin by heating the collagen, stimulating the production of new collagen in the site being treated. Immediate tightness of the skin can be observed and, as time goes by, the skin achieves a smoother and firmer tone.

Laser resurfacing techniques are also commonly done together with Thermage to address other concerns, such as fine lines, creases, and wrinkles.

Fractional resurfacing is a technique where thousands of tiny dots of the skin are removed, achieving the same great results in the old resurfacing technique.

Because only a smaller area of the skin is being treated, fractional resurfacing has significantly less downtime and is also a relatively painless procedure. There are several techniques on how fractional resurfacing is done.

SmartXide Dot uses CO2 laser, is excellent for deep line and wrinkle reduction, and has no downtime. Dramatic improvement can be immediately appreciated even after a single treatment. This procedure also has a very short downtime. SmartXide Dot is done together with Thermage in a procedure called ThermaDot. By combining these two highly effective procedures, loose skin, lines and wrinkles can be addressed all at the same time.

Fraxel is also a modern laser resurfacing technique, which is very effective for skin pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles. It has minimal to no downtime.

Clear and Brilliant Laser is the procedure of choice for maintaining the youthfulness and glow of the skin of people who previously underwent other resurfacing techniques. It also has no downtime and can be conveniently done at least every 6 months.

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