The Truth behind Fat Transfer Procedures

Everyone wants to look in the mirror and feel beautiful, but unfortunately not everyone likes what they see in the reflection. Wouldn’t it be great if you could magically zap fat from one area of your body and transfer it to another part of your body that needs it? Well, that’s the magic of fat transfer procedures. They are an effective way to bring out the new you.

In this live demonstration, Dr. Johnson shows how fat removal and transfer is performed. In between the fat cells are the connecting tissues, which are represented by the netting. The fat cells, which are the cups, are removed one by one. After all the cups have been collected, the netting collapses.

This is exactly what happens to the area of the body where the fat is harvested. The fat is removed and all that’s left behind are the connecting tissues. The area collapses because the volume has been removed. The fat is then put into a special container and placed back in the body through small injections. This is an important step of the fat transfer procedure because, it increases the survival of the fat.

Because of the effectiveness of the procedure, fat transfer is no longer limited to the face. It has also become an alternative to breasts and buttocks implants. This is because fat has a natural feel, unlike silicone implants.

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Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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