Trending Now: The Nation’s Top Cosmetic Procedure Searches

shutterstock_330107777A recent analysis of the most popular Google searches for cosmetic surgeries and aesthetic procedures shows the most searched-for treatments broken down by state., a nationwide Internet package provider, collected the data, which shows that in Texas, the most searched-for procedure is the lower body lift, while people in Missouri, Maryland and Michigan want information about buttock implants.

The study also showed that individuals living in New York frequently searched for providers for gynecomastia, or male breast reduction surgery.

The anti-aging benefits of Botox proved to be the most popular search in Massachusetts, Idaho, Michigan and North Dakota. Louisiana residents want information on buttock lifts, and Nevadans are into learning about fat transfer procedures.

Seventeen states, including Iowa, the Carolinas and Montana, searched for CoolSculpting, a popular procedure that targets and destroys fat cells by freezing them. California and Washington residents checked into chin implants at high rates. Floridians were fans of the surgical neck lift procedure, and women in Utah searched for labiaplasty procedures at high rates.

An Overall Increase in Procedures

Overall, the study showed a growing interest in cosmetic and aesthetic procedures across the United States.

More than 17 million cosmetic and plastic surgery procedures were performed in the U.S. in 2016, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons. That is a 3 percent increase over 2015.

“The number of people seeking out procedures each year is growing,” said Dr. Bill Johnson, M.D.

Johnson is a cosmetic physician in Dallas, Texas, and has seen an uptick in procedures at his practice in recent years.

“More people are choosing to have procedures because technology has advanced how surgeons perform procedures so greatly that the surgeries that used be very invasive and require hospital stays are now outpatient or minimally invasive procedures,” Johnson said.

Of the 17.1 million total procedures performed last year, 15.4 million were minimally invasive treatments like fat transfers, natural breast augmentation and dermal fillers.

Patients are also choosing to have cosmetic procedures because they have become more affordable than before.

“Taking extensive and expensive hospital stays out of the picture helps to reshape the cost of cosmetic procedures, as does the use of local anesthesia instead of sedation,” Johnson said.

One such procedure is liposuction. Liposuction patients used to require general anesthesia, but many providers are now performing the procedure using local anesthesia to numb the areas of treatment.

This new way of performing liposuction is often called “lunchtime lipo” because it takes only about 45 minutes to an hour.

Johnson uses an anesthetizing mix of lidocaine, saline and epinephrine to numb liposuction patients before their procedure.

“Using local versus general anesthesia not only saves on cost for the patient, but it also allows them to recover more quickly and return to normal activity faster, which is an attractive benefit for most people,” Johnson said.

What About Breast Augmentation?

The study results did not show breast augmentation as a commonly searched-for procedure in any state, which may be surprising to some.

The study’s researchers believe this is because breast augmentation is already a well-known cosmetic procedure, compared to some of the procedures researched in the study that are newer and less well-known.

Breast augmentation is indeed a well-known and popular procedure in the U.S., with 290,000 procedures performed in 2016, according to statistics from the American Society for Plastic Surgeons.

But the way breast augmentation is being performed is changing.

“Patients who are looking for lift and a moderate increase in their bustline are choosing to skip implant surgery and have natural breast augmentation instead,” Johnson said.

During the natural breast augmentation procedure, Johnson takes unwanted fat from another area of the patient’s body and injects it back into the breast.

“The benefits of natural breast augmentation is lifting, reshaping and increased size without major surgery,” Johnson said.


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