Can Thermage Really Make A Difference In Your Appearance?

What do celebrities like Gwyneth Paltrow and Demi Moore have in common with Good Morning Texas Host Amy Vanderoef? Well, they’ve all had thermage. Innovations Medical is one of the most experienced thermage practices in this country and in a recent GMT interview, Dr. Bill Johnson explained how thermage can make a huge difference in your appearance.

Here’s a full transcript of the video

DR. J: Good morning!

HOST: Why do you think all these celebrities, a lot of them have had this? Why do you think all of them are turning to thermage?

DR. J: Well, that’s just a short list. Oprah actually did it on the show and has been a big proponent of thermage over the years. Sharon Stone’s been reported to have had it. Kim Kardashian’s been reported to have it.

So, it’s a procedure that you can do very quickly. It only takes about an hour. There’s no downtime afterwards. And, perhaps the most important for a lot of these celebrities is, it takes years off, freshens and helps you look more relaxed, refreshed, without any look that you’ve been done.

HOST: Yeah, it’s very natural.

DR. J: It’s very natural-looking when you’re done so it’s one that several of these celebrities have been reported to do it multiple times – every, you know, every six months or so – to try and help build collagen and keep a young, natural look.

HOST: Yeah, it’s so important.

So, how exactly does it work?

DR. J: What thermage is, it’s a type of energy called radiofrequency. It’s not a laser which is often incorrectly talked about.

I even read a magazine article, people talking about it being a laser. It’s not a laser.

HOST: Not a laser.

DR. J: It uses radio frequency energy to do a really deep tightening of collagen which is the main supporting protein of our skin.

HOST: That’s what all of us who are, you know, starting to get into our forties, that’s what we lose!

DR. J: That’s what you’re losing, exactly. And, when the collagen is heated, it shrinks, and that’s why about 80 percent of people report an immediate result.

HOST: Wow! Immediately? Okay.

DR. J: But what really is the real magic of thermage is, when that shrunken collagen is replaced by your body, it brings in large amounts of new collagen and, as that collagen shrinks, over a six to twelve-month period, you get more tightening as it matures.

HOST: Okay. Well, I want to turn our attention here to some true results here.

What kind of results are you seeing?

DR. J: So, this is a patient just from the side.

And, here on the neck, that’s a fairly obvious result, but what’s really impressive and what she really liked is here she has no jawline at all.

And now, her jawline’s back. Okay. She’s got lesser folds here as well. All of that’s from one treatment and this is about a six-month result.

HOST: I also notice she has some wrinkling right there and it’s gone in that picture.

DR. J: And it’s gone, that’s right.

Now, this is an immediate result and really impressive. Now, she’s a little bit younger woman, but it really makes a big difference in how she looks under her eyes.

HOST: Yes, she has some bags there.

DR. J: And how much better it is, this is an hour later.

HOST: That’s an hour later? Wow!

DR. J: This is right after she finished.

So, really impressive immediate results in a lot of patients.

HOST: Yeah. So, who’s a good candidate for something like this?

DR. J: Well, most of our folks are in their twenties to eighties.

And we’ve done several patients in their eighties with good results.

We do a lot of folks in their twenties on their abdomens and arms and things.

Now, we can’t do it if you have a pacemaker or another implantable device, but almost everyone else is a good candidate because it’s very safe and we do it in the office. It takes about an hour.

HOST: Okay. Do we have some more results to show?

DR. J: We do have some more results because we don’t have to do it just on the face.

HOST: Yeah, I was going to ask, is that the only area you can have it done?

DR. J: Excuse me. I actually think abdomen gives the very most impressive results and this is one of our patients that’s a grandmother and you can see right here, and here’s the scar. Here’s that scar again.

This is one of those that the results are so impressive, you always have to double-check and make sure you’re really dealing with the same patient. But what a difference! And this is, again, about a six-month result on the abdomen.

HOST: That’s incredible. I can’t believe that’s a grandma! She looks fantastic!

DR. J: Yeah, she’s a grandmother. And this is an immediate result – look here at the elbow – and there’s not another technology – and here, after is just all smooth and gone. There’s not another technology out there that can do this on arm. Pretty much everyone agrees that, off face, thermage is beyond a doubt the best skin tightening technology out there.

HOST: And the downtime, too.

DR. J: Which is zero.

HOST: Right. That’s a huge factor.

DR. J: Basically, all these folks can go and do whatever they want the next day.

HOST: Yeah, I love it, and the results, immediately like that. And boy do the results speak for themselves.

DR. J: Yeah, pretty impressive.

HOST: Dr. Bill, we appreciate it. Thanks so much!

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