The Beauty Of Fat Transfer For Breast Augmentation Explained By Dr. Bill Johnson

In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical shows the viewers how it is possible to increase the breast size and improve its shape in a safe and natural way.

In the past, breasts are enhanced with the use of silicone implants. However, silicone implant not only leaves an unnatural look and feel, it also carries a lot of risks as it being an artificial material, which our body considers foreign.

Nowadays, with the latest advancements in aesthetic and cosmetic surgery, doctors have come up with an all-natural and extremely safe way of augmenting the breasts, and that is using your own body fat through a procedure known as fat transfer.

Fat transfer is a 2-for-1 procedure wherein excess or unwanted body fat is removed from one body part through liposuction, then is transferred to another body part that requires some enhancement or increase in volume, such as, in this case, the breast. Enhancing the breast through fat transfer is called as Natural Breast Augmentation.

How much cup sizes you can increase depends on your chest size. It is to remember that different chest sizes with different cups can have the same cup. For example, 32D has the same cup size with 34C and 36B. 34DD, 36D, and 38C also share the same size of cup. As a general rule, if you are a size 32 and you want to go up one cup size, you are going to need 250 ml of fat. If you have a chest size of 34, 300-400 ml is needed to increase to the next cup. If you are between chest size 36-38, then you will need a bigger volume of around 500-600 ml.

People who can benefit from natural breast augmentation are people with small breasts who wants greater volume or big-breasted women who have lost some volume because of weight loss or pregnancy and desire to have some fullness back to their breasts.

There are a number of great advantages of using your own body fat to enhance your breast. The increase in size looks very natural, both in texture and feel. Since majority of the breast itself is made up of fat, placing fat as the material for enhancement does not leave a balloon or melon shape that can be observed with silicone implants. Lastly, since no foreign body is inserted or left in the body, the procedure is free from any reactions, capsule formation, or contractions.

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