Texas Ranger Shares Personal Experience with Dallas Stem Cell Knees Treatment

We hear a lot more about the medical research strive of stem cells. Even former athletes are seeking out this type of therapy. Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical says stem cells are becoming part of the conversation in medicine. One of the main reasons for that is everything that the body heals is related to stem cells.

For example, when you cut your finger, the damaged cells release growth factors – chemical messengers that call all the things you need to clean up the damaged cells and stem cells then heal the wound. The same process happens when you break a bone or in any type of healing. It’s incredible what can be done with stem cells.

Former Texas Rangers catcher turned major league scout, Dave Roberts had some problems with his knee from back in his days playing. He was experiencing a lot of discomfort because he is still very much physically active and the problems with his knee were limiting what he can do. Dave experience pain for every step he made and he couldn’t enjoy activities that he likes to do. The stem cells treatments Dave had were very painless and easy and he noticed the difference right away.

Stem cells are still being researched, but what is confirmed is that it’s possible to diminish pain with stem cells treatment. The treatment can be done not only on the knees, but other joints on the body, arthritis, lupus and diseases like Crohn’s disease and Parkinson’s and spinal cord injuries.

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Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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