Skin Can Show Signs of Stress

You probably know the signs of stress when it comes to your body: tension headaches, feelings of anxiety, neck and shoulder pain, and maybe even high blood pressure. Do you know that the signs of stress probably show up on your face too? Stress affects every single part of your body – including your skin. Take a good look in the mirror and […]

Is the Key to Great Skin In the Pantry?

The first ingredients that come to mind when you think of what you want in skin care likely include things such as retinol and hyaluronic acid. But would you ever consider maple syrup as good for your skin?

Some researchers are hoping that you’ll soon say yes.

Before adding Mrs. Butterworth’s to your skin care regimen, read […]

Fight Aging Overnight

If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times: Getting enough sleep is the key to great skin. Well, maybe we haven’t mentioned it a thousand times, but we’re saying it now. Not getting a full night’s sleep can wreak serious havoc on your skin and leave you at risk of wrinkles. Find out how you can fight the aging […]

Are Wrinkles a Sign of a More Serious Health Issue?

Concerned about wrinkles? There may be a reason to worry about lines and creases beyond how they affect your appearance. New research presented at the European Society of Cardiology’s annual meeting shows a potential link between wrinkles and cardiovascular disease.

Specifically, the heart health researchers are concerned about the connection […]

Dermal Fillers in Demand for Individuals Seeking Cosmetic Facial Procedures

Dermal fillers are in high demand, according to a recent survey by the American Academy of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

The results of the survey revealed that almost 50 percent of individuals seeking cosmetic facial procedures ask for dermal fillers.

Fillers, such as Restylane, Radiesse and Botox, are in high demand because […]

Don’t Skip This Step Before Bedtime

Do you sleep in your makeup? Did you know that it is really bad for your skin? While once in awhile is not terrible, did you know that making a habit of not washing your makeup off before bed can mean rashes, blemishes, acne and premature aging? While these things may seem relatively benign, wearing makeup to bed can also mean serious consequences. […]

The Mechanics of Wrinkles

No one wants to talk about it, but it happens to everyone and is almost as certain as death and taxes: aging. Unless you have the luck of amazing genes, aging – and most notably, wrinkles – is nearly unavoidable. Wrinkles are not only a part of aging, but also make a difference in how we take care of our skin, what cosmetics we choose […]

Cancel Out Chest Wrinkles

hich means it is susceptible to sun damage, creasing and sagging. Dr. Johnson uses Clear and Brilliant laser therapy to treat the delicate décolletage to erase signs of aging and give you great-looking skin.

What Causes Chest Wrinkles?

The combination of the thin skin and the lack of fat in the upper chest area leaves the skin […]

Skin Improvements on Your Schedule

Want to reduce the signs of aging, but don’t want the downtime that goes along with certain procedures or treatments? If you want to look younger and give your skin a boost, you should consider the dermal filler, Radiesse. Dr. Johnson offers Radiesse, as well as a variety of injectables and dermal fillers that help restore a youthful appearance […]

Dr J Off Air – Botox Injections, Are They Safe?

Innovations Medical Podcast

Are you beginning to see deep wrinkles in your face? Would you like to remove those wrinkles and keep a youthful look and your natural expression? Well, Dr. Johnson explains how Botox can help when it’s applied at an early age. Listen in as Amy Vanderoef, host of Good Morning Texas talks with Dr. J about injectables and shares her own […]

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