Maintain Cosmetic Procedure Results With Positive Lifestyle Choices

Like all our patients, we know you’ll love how you look after your cosmetic facial or body procedure from Innovations Medical. We also know you’ll like your new look so much that you will want to take the steps necessary to maintain your results.

Here are some tips for keeping your fresh new look after a cosmetic procedure:

Stomach Procedures To Get You Summer Ready

Innovations Medical Podcast

From sexy bikinis and belly shirts, to sleeveless dresses and cropped blouses, these outfits will make sure you’re comfortable and smoking hot during the summer season. But are you confident enough to bare your stomach? If you have a little bit of wrinkling or need some serious shaping, Innovations Medical has the right procedure for you […]

How to Fix Botched Plastic Surgery With Safe Cosmetic Procedures

Innovations Medical Podcast

Sometimes, plastic surgery procedures don’t go as planned. Many times, people don’t want to consider going through another procedure because they might end up getting more botched plastic surgery. However, Innovations Medical has advanced cosmetic procedures that can fix many of these issues. Some of the most common problems that […]

Awake Tummy Tuck, Amazing Before & After Results (6 Months Post)

Innovations Medical Podcast

In this video, Dr. Johnson presents a more confident Melanie Mitchell wearing a dress that accentuates her new wonderful figure. Melanie is one of the 2014 New Beginnings Makeover winners. She is a mother of four and has dreamed of getting a […]

How to get your stomach swimsuit ready!

Innovations Medical Podcast

In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson talks about the best procedure there is in changing the contour of the abdomen while eliminating the fat with liposuction.

Liposuction is the process of removing excess body fat underneath the skin by the use of a suction. With liposuction, you […]

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