Talking About Turkey Neck

It is almost Thanksgiving. Let’s talk turkey – turkey neck, that is.

Turkey neck is the nickname for the loose, sagging or baggy skin that hangs off the neck. It is a consequence of losing skin elasticity because of aging, genetics and weight loss. Turkey neck can add years to your appearance and may even make you feel self-conscious […]

Best Ways to Tighten Sagging Facial Skin

There are many options available if you want to treat your sagging facial skin, including surgical face-lifts, noninvasive skin tightening, facial exercises, topical creams and even devices that promise to give you back the face of your youth. But, what actually works? We break down what works and what doesn’t for sagging facial skin in this […]

Eat Right and Avoid Cellulite … or at Least Lower the Risk of Developing It

Cellulite. The very word makes many of us want to run, hide or at least reach for long pants. Cellulite develops when deposits of fat poke through connective tissue, resulting in a dimpled or uneven appearance. Cellulite can happen to anyone – male, female, young, old, heavy or thin (yes, even thin people can have cellulite), and it is hard […]

Don’t Let Excess Skin Get in the Way

Tired of loose skin? Thermage can help smooth your skin by delivering radiofrequency energy to targeted treatment areas to heat the layers below the surface, producing more collagen and pulling skin tighter.  The results? Smoother skin and a more shapely appearance. But does Thermage last?

How Long Does Thermage Last?

You can […]

More About Minimally and Non-Invasive Procedures

Do you want to make changes to your body to get the shape you’ve always wanted but without the risks, recovery and downtime of invasive cosmetic surgery? You can still change your look with minimally invasive or non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Advances in technology and medicine have made it possible to resculpt, reshape and rejuvenate the […]

The Many Myths About Cellulite

Cellulite is very common, but it is also very misunderstood. Cellulite occurs when the fat below the skin gets trapped in connective tissue and pushes through, leaving a bumpy, lumpy and dimpled appearance that won’t go away despite diet, exercise or expensive creams that make promises to smooth out the skin. Dr. Johnson treats patients with cellulite […]

Cellulite Solutions – The Procedures To Buy & The Ones That Waste Money

Innovations Medical Podcast

If you’re tired of hiding your body behind long clothes, even on the beach, because of cellulite, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical is here to help you. There are superb cellulite removing and smoothening procedures that work great and will help you look […]

Cellulite Reduction Treatments That Actually Work

Innovations Medical Podcast

Do you like how your legs look? Are you concerned with cellulite, skin tightening or saddle bags? Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical can help you get your legs in perfect shape for summer.

Cellulite is a big problem for a lot of women, but luckily, cellulite treatment […]

The Best & Fastest Cosmetic Procedures

Innovations Medical Podcast

Do you want to give yourself a great holiday gift and make most of your free time? Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medicals has some great ideas!

Holiday season is the best time for office based procedures because they are simple, done with local anesthesia and require very little downtime; one or two days off is enough! Another good […]

Turkey Neck Removal – Tightening Your Neck, Arms, & Stomach

Innovations Medical Podcast

Everybody wants to look younger and Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical is here to help. Statistics show that 91% of women are not happy with their body and while exercising can certainly help; there are some things that no gym can help.

A lot of body parts are affected by aging and arms are definitely one of them. Arms get loose […]

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