More About Minimally and Non-Invasive Procedures

Do you want to make changes to your body to get the shape you’ve always wanted but without the risks, recovery and downtime of invasive cosmetic surgery? You can still change your look with minimally invasive or non-invasive cosmetic treatments. Advances in technology and medicine have made it possible to resculpt, reshape and rejuvenate the […]

The Many Myths About Cellulite

Cellulite is very common, but it is also very misunderstood. Cellulite occurs when the fat below the skin gets trapped in connective tissue and pushes through, leaving a bumpy, lumpy and dimpled appearance that won’t go away despite diet, exercise or expensive creams that make promises to smooth out the skin. Dr. Johnson treats patients with cellulite […]

Cellulite Solutions – The Procedures To Buy & The Ones That Waste Money

Innovations Medical Podcast

If you’re tired of hiding your body behind long clothes, even on the beach, because of cellulite, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical is here to help you. There are superb cellulite removing and smoothening procedures that work great and will help you look […]

Cellulite Reduction Treatments That Actually Work

Innovations Medical Podcast

Do you like how your legs look? Are you concerned with cellulite, skin tightening or saddle bags? Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical can help you get your legs in perfect shape for summer.

Cellulite is a big problem for a lot of women, but luckily, cellulite treatment […]

The Best & Fastest Cosmetic Procedures

Innovations Medical Podcast

Do you want to give yourself a great holiday gift and make most of your free time? Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medicals has some great ideas!

Holiday season is the best time for office based procedures because they are simple, done with local anesthesia and require very little downtime; one or two days off is enough! Another good […]

Turkey Neck Removal – Tightening Your Neck, Arms, & Stomach

Innovations Medical Podcast

Everybody wants to look younger and Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical is here to help. Statistics show that 91% of women are not happy with their body and while exercising can certainly help; there are some things that no gym can help.

A lot of body parts are affected by aging and arms are definitely one of them. Arms get loose […]

What Men Really Want For Christmas – Men’s Gift Guide 2015

Innovations Medical Podcast

There’s always that person on your shopping list that’s difficult to shop for but, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medicals has some interesting holiday gift ideas to help you out!

There is always that guy that has everything, even his own breasts, and with liposuction he can see […]

Can You Stop Aging? Erase Age With These Procedures

Innovations Medical Podcast

All of us want to look young and Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical explains some of the office based procedures that can combat the effects of aging on our appearance.

One of the most popular methods right now is to use combined therapy because, each procedure deals with a particular problem area of the body. Injectables like […]

Shaping Up For Christmas

Innovations Medical Podcast

Do you want to look as young as you feel? Dr. Johnson of Innovations Medical explains some procedures that can take years off of your appearance with little or no downtime.

Several things are happening when women age that makes their bodies look older. One of them is loss of collagen and the supporting proteins that support your skin, […]

Is Your Muffin Top Keeping You Out Of Your Favorite Jeans

Innovations Medical Podcast

Looking good in low cut jeans can be tough, especially if the fat on your sides and back bulges on your waistband. This is the dreaded muffin top that keeps us from looking sexy in our jeans. Dr. Johnson of Innovations Medical explains that liposuction is the best solution for this body issue. The procedure is very safe and can be done in […]

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