Don’t Let ‘Moobs’ Stand in the Way of Summer Fun

Summer has definitely hit in Dallas. Time to crank up the air conditioning and jump in the pool. But do you hesitate taking off your shirt and diving into summer fun because you have “moobs,” also known as man boobs? If you’re sweating and struggling with enlarged male breast tissue, suffer no longer. Dr. Bill Johnson treats men with […]

Secret Male Breast Reduction Procedures In Dallas

Innovations Medical Podcast

Guys also worry about their bodies and they want to get the perfect six pack for the summer. Shorter, more revealing clothes can show parts of your body you’re not that happy with and have a hard time getting rid of. Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical is here to help guys look great and get the body they want without spending hours […]

What Men Really Want For Christmas – Men’s Gift Guide 2015

Innovations Medical Podcast

There’s always that person on your shopping list that’s difficult to shop for but, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medicals has some interesting holiday gift ideas to help you out!

There is always that guy that has everything, even his own breasts, and with liposuction he can see […]

How to Get Six Pack Abs – What Gyms Don’t Want You to Know

Innovations Medical Podcast

After the holidays, you see a lot of people hitting the gym to exercise away all the extra calories they have consumed. Sure, you can shed a few pounds, but it takes a lot of perseverance and sacrifice. Plus, it wouldn’t fix all your problem areas. In this video, Dr. Johnson explains the various go-to procedures that Innovation Medical […]

Christmas Cosmetic Surgery Options for Guys!

Innovations Medical Podcast

It’s the Christmas season once again and it’s time for gift giving. This year, instead of the usual present delivered in a package, why not give your man something different? Consider cosmetic surgery and he’ll thank you for making his fine lines and droopy eyes go away.

In this video, Dr. Johnson discusses some great procedures […]

Liposuction for Christmas

Innovations Medical Podcast

If you want a new you for Christmas, now is the time to make your list of dream cosmetic procedures. Why do it now? Because, most procedures take several weeks or months to see the best results.

One of the go-to-outfits during the holidays is the sleeveless shirt. And in order to rock this dress, you need nice arms. But saggy and crepey-looking […]

Tighten Arms, Chest, and Back Without Downtime

Innovations Medical Podcast

You can’t get more confident than the shirtless guys from the Right Said Fred duo in their “I’m Too Sexy” music video. A lot of men and women aren’t as confident though, because of their body issues. If your arms or love handles are stopping you from wearing sleeveless and sexy shirts, hope is not lost, even if you’re not […]

Tighten Your Six Pack and Pecks In An Hour

Innovations Medical Podcast

In Channing Tatum’s movie, Magic Mike, women swoon over muscled men with six packs. Although some men won’t admit it, a fit-looking physique is important for them too. In fact, a lot of guys are open to the idea of cosmetic surgery to give them the six packs of their dreams. In this video, Dr. Johnson shares the various cosmetic procedures […]

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