Drinking Water Keeps Skin Looking Youthful

Making sure you are drinking enough water every day contributes to good health. Water helps your body do everything from digesting the food you eat to eliminating waste and toxins. Water is also one of the best anti-aging treatments available and helps keep your skin looking healthy, youthful and bright.

What Happens to Your Skin If You Don’t […]

Vampire Facial: Gorgeous Skin With Nothing to Fear

The vampire facial is not as scary as it sounds. In fact, once you learn about its amazing benefits, you may want to call us to schedule your appointment. The vampire facial, also known as the PRP facial, is a powerful anti-aging treatment used by Dr. Johnson to erase skin damage, fine lines and wrinkles, and give you great-looking skin for eternity […]

Can You Stop Aging? Erase Age With These Procedures

Innovations Medical Podcast

All of us want to look young and Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical explains some of the office based procedures that can combat the effects of aging on our appearance.

One of the most popular methods right now is to use combined therapy because, each procedure deals with a particular problem area of the body. Injectables like […]

Dr J Off Air – Botox Injections, Are They Safe?

Innovations Medical Podcast

Are you beginning to see deep wrinkles in your face? Would you like to remove those wrinkles and keep a youthful look and your natural expression? Well, Dr. Johnson explains how Botox can help when it’s applied at an early age. Listen in as Amy Vanderoef, host of Good Morning Texas talks with Dr. J about injectables and shares her own […]

Dr J Off Air – Hands – Do Your Hands Make You Look Older Than You Are?

Innovations Medical Podcast

Are you planning a wedding? Maybe you’ve wanted to show off that engagement ring on social media, but don’t want your friends and family to see the age spots and veins in your hands? We’ll as Dr. Johnson recently explained, your happy day doesn’t have to include this worry. Learn how to make your hands look years younger. […]

Can Sunscreen Prevent Skin Damage?

Innovations Medical Podcast

In 2012, new rules from the Food and Drug Administration took effect governing label information regarding sunscreen. Included in the new rules are defining the term “broad spectrum.” And so, it means sunscreen offers protection from both ultraviolet UVA and ultraviolet B – ultraviolet A and B – in proportional amounts. Before, sunscreens […]

What Do Sunscreen Ratings Mean?

Innovations Medical Podcast

Product ratings can be confusing and when it comes to sunscreen, it’s not always obvious which one is the best choice. Protecting your skin from sun damage is very important. In a recent radio interview, Dr. Johnson explained what sunscreen ratings mean and what you can do to protect your skin.

Here’s a full transcript […]

Guess Their Ages – See The Benefits of Facial Fat Transfer, Thermage, Smartxide Dot, and Botox

Innovations Medical Podcast

In this episode, Dr. Bill Johnson serves as an engaging game show host of the game, “Guess Their Age,” with Good Morning Texas hosts, Carrie McClure and Amy Vanderoef, as competing players.

Pictures of four women were displayed, all of whom had received anti-aging procedures, more specifically Thermage, […]

Turn Back Time! See The Beauty of Fillers and FAMI Fat Transfer.

Innovations Medical Podcast

In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson discusses anti-aging procedures other than Thermage and Fractional Lasers to make your face look fresher and years younger.

As we age, we lose volume and fat in the upper part of the face, cheeks, and around the eyes. On the other hand, we gain […]

Dr. J Off Air – Ep. 3 – The Art Of Laser Resurfacing

Innovations Medical Podcast

In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical discusses the different resurfacing techniques, their indications, and the best possible combinations of procedures for different types of skin problems associated with aging.

Resurfacing, simply put, is a process of putting a new surface on the skin. In the past, laser resurfacing […]

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