SmartXide Dot: CO2 Body Resurfacing Laser

SmartXide Dot: CO2 Body Resurfacing Laser
The SmartXide Dot is the most important innovation in ablative laser technology since the introduction of the CO2 laser, the “gold standard” in skin resurfacing technology since 1991. With the new SmartXide Dot laser, CO2 laser ablation is no longer limited to the face. SmartXide Dot offers far greater control over treatment intensity, which allows it to be used on almost any area of the body. SmartXide Dot technology offers results approaching those of traditional CO2 laser resurfacing, but with complete recovery in only a few days. Over the next few years, SmartXide Dot will set a new standard for resurfacing and become the treatment of choice for reversing the effects of aging on the skin.

Where can SmartXide Dot be used?
Unlike previous CO2 laser treatments, which were restricted to the face, SmartXide Dot can be used on many areas of the body, including the eyelids, hands, elbows, and décolleté. In addition to areas of loose skin, wrinkled skin, or even crepe paper skin, SmarXide Dot provides excellent results when used for scar revision, and for treatment of pigmentation problems and stretch marks.

How does SmartXide Dot work?
The SmartXide Dot laser penetrates into the upper layer of the dermis, which is the supporting layer of our skin and which contains most of the skin’s collagen. SmartXide Dot targets water in these tissues, resulting in tissue ablation inside the dot. Each dot is surrounded by a zone of thermal tissue damage formed by the laser. This thermal damage is responsible for the superior results seen with CO2 lasers.

How does SmartXide Dot achieve shorter recovery times than previous CO2 ablation techniques?
Previous CO2 ablative treatments removed the entire skin surface. This required the skin to heal from below – a somewhat long and painful process. Because SmartXide Dot leaves the skin around each dot intact, the skin heals in from this surrounding tissue. This is one of the primary differences between SmartXide Dot and previous CO2 laser treatments, and is responsible for the drastically shorter recovery times associated with SmartXide Dot treatment.

What are the results of SmartXide Dot treatment?
Collagen shrinkage as a result of thermal damage results in some immediate skin tightening. More importantly, further improvements in skin tightness and collagen density occur as a result of collagen remodeling and begin about 30 days after the treatment. These improvements continue for up to one year.

Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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