Fat Stem Cell Therapy - Alternative Treatments for COPD

As we age, our bodies go through a lot of changes and decline as time passes. Unfortunately, our cells healing abilities go down as well. If only it was easy to fix with glue or adhesive tape, right? There is, however, an investigational study for fat stem cell therapy being conducted by Innovations Medical to help us out of this predicament. Dr. Johnson talks about it in this video.

According to Dr. Johnson, a stem cell is a single cell that can replicate itself or differentiate into many cell types. The embryo is actually composed of stem cells that end up becoming the tissues and organs in our bodies. Every time our body needs a new cell, its the stem cells role to do that. Their ability to self-renew is very important in the healing process of our bodies. As we age, we lose a good supply of stem cells and that is where fat stem cell therapy comes in. It harnesses the stem cells ability to self-multiply and deliver to a part of our body that doesnt heal well.

It is quite surprising, but stem cells have been used for treatment for thirty (30) years already. The bone marrow transplants in the 1980s that treat patients with cancers and other problems use a similar technique. Dr. Johnson says that what they did at the time though, was to give a lot of bone marrow cells. And the stem cells within the bone marrow are what made the procedure work. With the advancement of the procedure through research, it is now known that you dont have to go to the bone marrow alone. Fat, which is easily harvested, is proven to contain more stem cells than the bone marrow.

When asked about the stem cell harvesting method, Dr. Johnson explained that the procedure does not take that long. The fat, where the stem cells are coming from, is harvested through liposuction. About three tablespoons of fat will be acquired and it would take at least an hour to get the stem cells out of it. After that, taking it back into the body can be done in a number of ways.

Whats great about the fat stem cell therapy is how wide the possibilities are in treating many diseases. Orthopedic conditions like arthritis can be treated using this procedure. Even though there is still a small number of long-term data, there are already cases where people avoid having knee surgery or knee replacement, because of fat stem cell therapy.

Neuropathy is another condition that is being explored as well. Dr. Johnson says that most of the time, what you can only do is mask the patients pain, but the nerves functions are hard to restore. With the help of stem cells, there can be real improvement in relieving pain and restoring the nerves functions. He also mentioned how stem cell therapy can help calm down the Trigeminal Neuralgia or severe facial pain condition.

Here are some other diseases with SVF Deployment protocols:

  • Degenerative or osteoarthritis in the knee and hip
  • Auto-immune disorders like rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia
  • Lung disease such as COPD

Presently, Innovations Medical is still on the investigational status so insurance firms are not yet covering this type of procedure. But Dr. Johnson says that they are collecting very good data and getting better with the procedure.

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