Fat Transfer Areas

Biz Haddock, New Beginnings Makeover Winner, on Fat Transfer

Biz talks about how surprised she was to learn about fat transfer procedures, and how they have helped her transform her appearance as part of her total body makeover.
So youve decided to take the organic approach to looking younger and more rested. Good for you! Below you will find some great options for the most common cosmetic procedures, and they ALL use your own fat! As an added bonus, Innovations Medical and Dr. Bill Johnson pioneered the use of Harvest PRP Fat Transfer in the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex. PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma) Fat is known as SmartFat, or Activated Fat. When using Activated Fat in conjunction with the newest fat transfer techniques, it is possible to reach up to a 95% fat cell survival rate.

Natural Breast Augmentation

Taking fat from your bottom and moving it to your bust. Think its just science fiction? Not anymore. Breast Fat Transfer is the new organic way of increasing breast size and volume and Innovations Medical can help you with your transformation. Choose any area of unwanted fat, and allow Dr. Johnson to do his magic. Using Activated SmartFat, Dr. Bill Johnson carefully injects your own fat into your breast. The procedure is done while you are awake, and you can return to work the next morning. Natural Breast Augmentation is perfect for restoring breast after pregnancy, weight loss, or when just size increase is wanted.

Brazilian Buttock Lift

Its no secret that the buttocks have received more and more press coverage over the years. Jennifer Lopez, Serena Williams, Kim Kardashian are all part of this movement. Innovations Medical can provide the larger, rounder, lifted buttocks that are so sought after right now with a Brazilian Lift. The best part is that you can achieve this new look by using the unwanted fat from your own body. Transfer the fat from your abdomen, inner thighs, even arms into your buttocks, permanently.

FAMI Face Fat Transfer

Fat Autologous Muscle Injection (FAMI) takes facial fat transfer to the next level. Prior to FAMI, most fat transfer procedures were based on the idea of moving fat into problem areas and crossing your fingers. FAMI brings in the science of your facial muscles and the natural loss of fat in ones face. After you reach your 30s, your face starts to lose fat quite rapidly. First youll see it around your tear troughs, then around your eyes, and finally around your mouth. By pre-calculating the exact amount of fat needed (based on your 18 year old picture), Dr. Bill Johnson can restore volume to your face, without giving you that 3rd person look. FAMI is considered the permanent approach to facial volume filler.


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One of the easiest places to spot someones age is their hands. Its an easily forgettable area when we think about aging. There are some really good procedures that can help address age spots, wrinkles, crepe paper skin, but with fat transfer, Innovations Medical can help restore the youthful plumpness back into those hands. Hands Fat Transfer is a very simple, very quick (10-15 min) procedure that can be done in conjunction with your liposuction or fat transfer procedure. At Innovations Medical, we refer to Hands Fat Transfer as an add on fat transfer area. Priced extremely reasonably, hands should be on everyones to-do list when fighting aging.

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