Breast Augmentations - Introduction

Dr. Bill Johnson Discusses Benefits of Fat Transfer for Breast Augmentation

Fat Transfer is a relatively new procedure that can offer patients an alternative to tradition breast implants. The procedure works by removing fat from a patients own body, processing it to remove impurities and concentrate fat cells, and re-injecting it into areas of the body where additional fat is desired.

Breast Augmentations

Recently, breast augmentations became the most popular cosmetic procedure performed in the United States, quickly followed by liposuction. It was only a matter of time before the two procedures became one. Now, an exciting new procedure called Natural Breast Augmentation, or Autologous Fat Transfer, allows patients to enjoy natural breast enhancement, without going under anesthesia, and with minimal downtime.

Those who are good candidates for breast fat transfer are:

  • Women with a large A to double D cup size that want to increase the size of their breasts.
  • Women who do not like how the top portion of their clothes fit.
  • Women who have experienced droopiness of the breast after:
    • Pregnancy
    • Weight loss
    • Result of aging
  • Women with one breast larger than the other.
  • Women who have had breast implants removed for capsule formation or leakage.
  • Men who would like some enhancement in the pectoral area.

Those that are NOT good candidates for breast fat transfer are:

  • Women with breast implants in place.
  • Women with very small breasts (less than a full A cup) the skin does not allow enough fat to be placed.
  • Women with extremely droopy breasts. For example: if the breast overlaps the skin underneath by more than four (4) inches, reduction and implants should be considered.
  • Extremely slender women that do not have adequate fat to harvest from other areas.