The Brazilian Butt Lift or BBL has been the fastest growing cosmetic procedure the last several years.  It can make a great difference for many patients, giving them the derriere they desire.  Unfortunately, not all buttocks are created alike.  For those that already like their shape or only want to be a little rounder or a little bigger, fat transfer alone works great. For others, fat transfer alone really can’t get them the shape they want.  For those patients there is 3D BBL.

What is 3D BBL?

3D BBL combines liposuction  and laser skin tightening on some areas of the buttock with fat transfer to other areas.  This powerful combination can result in a more attractive and sexier result than either technique alone.  The key is knowing how to address each buttock shape for the best result. 

What buttock shapes need 3d BBL?
What is needed for the cliff shape?
What is needed for the square shape?
What is needed for the inverted or “V” shape?
How big a deal is having a 3D BBL ?

The Bottom Line of 3D BBL.

Regular BBL (Brazilian Butt Lift) is a great procedure and has enjoyed skyrocketing popularity over the last several years.  3D BBL is the next step.  It enhances the results of BBL for many patients.  The idea is the best possible buttock shape for YOUR body.

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