Safe Butt Enhancement! Dr. Bill Johnson Demonstrates Fat Transfer

In this video, Dr. Bill Johnson of Innovations Medical discusses how to improve the contour of your buttocks in a safe and effective way.

Enhancing the volume of your buttocks to give you a fuller, rounder shape using your own body fat is called the Brazilian Butt Lift. It is a process of fat transfer wherein the fat is removed from a part of your body where you have excess fat, mostly in the abdomen and/or thighs, then transfer it to another site where you want some form of enhancement, such as the buttocks.

The fat is harvested from a site through tumescent liposuction. The collected fat will then undergo a special process of removing the unwanted fluids. It will then be mixed with platelet-rich plasma to improve its longevity of up to 85%.

Improving the fat’s longevity would mean that the transferred fat will last for many years in its new home. The processed fat will then be re-injected slowly into your buttocks to provide lift and add volume. The volume to be injected would depend on how much enhancement you would want.

Since you are using your own body fat as material for enhancement, it is completely safe. It also looks and feels natural in comparison with silicone implants.

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Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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