Dr J Off Air – Botox Injections, Are They Safe?

Are you beginning to see deep wrinkles in your face? Would you like to remove those wrinkles and keep a youthful look and your natural expression? Well, Dr. Johnson explains how Botox can help when it’s applied at an early age. Listen in as Amy Vanderoef, host of Good Morning Texas talks with Dr. J about injectables and shares her own experience with receiving Botox injections.

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AMY: Okay. Dr. J, so I just had my Botox done a little bit – you know, a little stick here and there, but nothing anybody can’t handle. I started doing this with you so I’m forty tomorrow. I’m telling all my secrets now! I just had Botox. I’m forty tomorrow. We started about five years ago, probably, doing Botox on me so about age thirty-five. I could have probably started sooner.

When does someone usually kind of come in for the first time?

DR. J: Early thirties is usually about the best time because we now have really good research data that shows, if you’ll start doing it before you develop the big lines in your forehead, the deep lines here between the eyes which we call the glabella, if you’ll start doing Botox before those develop, you can prevent them from ever happening.

AMY: Yeah, right.

DR. J: And so, when you look at some of the men – Tom Selleck’s a famous one that has these really deep creases – had they started in their thirties, they would have never had to do that.

AMY: They didn’t have Botox back then.

DR. J: They didn’t have Botox back then.

AMY: Or Tom Selleck.

DR. J: Now, we do.

AMY: Okay. So then, preventative is the key. Obviously, someone can come to you, thirty-five and forty, but if they have a lot of sun exposure or sun time, I’ve seen girls in their thirties who have really prominent lines, you can always see improvement but it’s not going to be as good as if you had caught it before.

DR. J: Well, the thing to remember about Botox is it has a really unique and important place in cosmetics. It’s all about the wrinkles we get when our face is active. Almost all the other technologies we’re talking about, they’re after those wrinkles that are there when our face is just sitting – it’s called passive wrinkles – and they do a great job for that, but nothing touches Botox when those wrinkles they get here, here, here, even in our lips when our face is moving.

AMY: Okay.

DR. J: And so, it’s a real important place for Botox and there’s really still not anything else that’s in that space that’s able to do what Botox can do.

AMY: Okay. But not all Botox is created equal because it really depends on who’s wielding the needle, and you’ve seen places that are doing Botox parties. I’ve seen dentist offices doing Botox because they think, “Well, we wield needles too and we could do it.” Not all administers are created equal here.

DR. J: Botox really requires an understanding of the anatomy of the muscles and it really requires – for want of a better term – an artistic flair. Some people like a bit of a brow lift; a lot of men in particular don’t.

AMY: Okay.

DR. J: That changes how you do the Botox based on what the patient wants, on what their face shape is, on what their lines are. And so, it takes an understanding of that muscle and it takes an understanding of how Botox works. A lot of folks think they can come in and get a brow lift, and you can, but you have to understand that when you get a brow lift, you’ve done that by leaving certain muscles untouched by Botox. You have to be able to visualize that and put the Botox where you need it to get the response you’re after.

AMY: See? And I am a very expressive person so people may not even know that I’ve had Botox done because so many people think, “Oh, you lose your expression, you don’t look as natural, you can tell you’ve had it done.” I would guess nobody would ever know I ever had Botox.

DR. J: Yeah, and if it’s done right and done in right doses, you can keep your expression. It just takes out the intense wrinkles and it makes that haggard look – or what we hear all the time, “tired look” – go away.

AMY: Yeah, and it’s an instant gratification thing where you can come in, it’s a short appointment, and it’s something you can maintain every three to six months.

DR. J: And it’s also really safe. A few years ago, Botox really had a scare because of doctors that mix their own using botulism toxin and you have to understand that this is a highly purified protein in a highly controlled dose that’s very safe and has very infrequent side effects.

AMY: Okay. Great. Well, I know I’m happy with my results, Dr. J. Thanks so much!

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