Regrow Hair Without Surgery and Look 10 Years Younger

In the movie “Death Becomes Her,” Meryl Streep drinks a potion and becomes young again. Don’t we all wish to turn back the clock and be young again as easy as that? With recent innovations, this dream can be made into reality. In this video, Dr. Johnson discusses procedures and products that can turn back the clock.

Dr. Johnson opens the discussion with an explanation of multi-modal therapy. This involves addressing the different modalities of a person in order to treat a disease like high-blood pressure or diabetes. Each of these modalities is like pieces of a puzzle and requires a different approach. This is the reason why we are given two or three medications in order to treat an ailment. The same goes with procedures in order to care for our body.

One such procedure being done by Innovations Medical is thermage. This is especially useful to combat the effects of skin aging. This procedure uses non-invasive radio frequency to tighten skin. The thermage tool heats the deeper part of the tissue, which shrinks the collagen and gives the skin instant smoothness. New collagen would also develop and skin tightening would continue months after the treatment. Another procedure worth trying is skin resurfacing. A decade ago, it was sort of a brutal therapy. The technique now involves removal of tiny dots of skin using a fractional piece instead of removing the whole surface. This makes it painless and requires less downtime.

Topical agents containing human growth factors can also produce positive results. Growth factors (GF) naturally occur in the body, but as we age, it decreases and needs to be replenished. Growth factors plays a major role in collagen and cell production. Basically, helping you look more youthful without plastic surgery or Botox. Dr. Johnson showed examples of major differences in a woman with acne after just a few months.

Another great example of the benefits of topical agents with human growth factors is hair growth. It is also very useful in achieving hair growth without any drug intake. The growth factors stimulate the hair follicles and aid in the growth of new hair, which can make both men and women look years younger. Hair loss is a concern for both men and women, so using topical agents with human growth factors is key to seeing positive results for both categories.

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Dr. Bill Johnson MD, MMM Innovations Medical
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